Bespoke cutting-edge training & workshops, delivering the skills your team needs in these changing times

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From change management through NLP communication skills to mental health and well-being, we can upskill your workforce.

2020 has seen an unprecedented amount of change and restriction. Very difficult decisions are having to be made by businesses, and it seems this unpredictable situation is going to continue. It is more necessary than ever that your employees work as a team, are able to manage to their stress effectively and hold a positive mindset towards change, flexible thinking, optimal communication, confidence, the ability to focus and stay calm.

We offer: Bespoke workshops for up to 15 attendees per session, ongoing 1-2-1 coaching support at a discounted rate for your employees, dispute resolution and meeting facilitation.

We are: Beth Penfold and Helen Calvert, well-being coaches in Greater Manchester specialising in NLP communication techniques, managing stress & overwhelm, mindset and mental well-being.

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