Are You Ready to Step into a Life of Revolutionary Health & Wealth?

We have all been there.

We want change.

We want it so bad.

But the overwhelm that we face is enough to send us scurrying back into our cave and promises of tomorrow.

The only thing is tomorrow is always coming and never arriving.

We do things differently here.

Stop Going Outside Yourself For Answers

Creative and Vibrant Living is all about you living the radiant and creative life you deserve.

As in YOUR  life.

YOUR terms.

A Mentor Who is Financially Invested in Your Success

I help you with the road map.

Stop investing time and resources in expensive courses. There is no one right way but rather many ways. Together we map out your way.

Sucess on your terms.  



You Don't Have To Go On This Journey Alone

The Kinship is there to provide spiritual and biz resources as well as help cheer you on along the way.

The Higher Self Manifesto journal course, Chakara Health using essential oils and more! 

And because I believe in the power of regular journaling, essential oils and connecting to self to live life on your terms,   I have created a monthly “Me Time” workbook for you, completely for free!

Each month comes with journal prompts, recommended oils and affirmation cards!

No strings attached.

You can have it delivered straight to you ever month by signing up here and get inspiration, recommended resources, how to use oils to support you emotionally and creatively and deals!

Download Direct

Or you can find the folder to download this and future Me Times right here:

Download Direct From Dropbox

It will be updated every month with a new Me Time workbook.

Because I do not believe in vanity metrics and only want those on  my list who want to hear about how to build a life they love!