Jennyann Carthern


Jennyann, I've never painted before...NOT A PROBLEM!

Jennyann, I'm not and Artist...You don't have to be one!

But, Everyone always makes better stuff than me! 


My point...You don't have to be great to create!  Just Start! 

My Virtual Paint Party Business Paint Is Thicker Than Water is all about process not product and practice not perfect! YES! Again! You don't have to be great to create! It's about flexing your creative muscles one small step at a time! No Expectations, No Judgements, just heartwarming creative fun! A real haven for women to find time for yourself, while socializing and creating with others! 

So, stop overthinking this! 
  • I'll send you: 

  • Zoom Link
  • Supply List
  • A Downloadable Copy 
  • of my Workbook: 
  • "The Easy Peasy Guide 
  • to setting up your very own
  • Studio in your own Space!"
  • space At Home!

  • Plus 30% off my 5 Class Pass Saving you an additional $29 off my Launch Day Prices!