RiseUP Coaching 

Empowering Medical Freedom Advocates to

Create Your Amazing Life and Make the World a Better Place.  

As a Medical Freedom Advocate (MFA), you value free-speech and bodily autonomy - especially as it relates to vaccines and other medical products and procedures. You hold a vision for the world that is quite different than most people you are surrounded by in your every-day life. 

However, you don't feel like you have the energy or ability to pursue  - and more importantly - create this vision. You feel stuck - in anxiety, overwhelm, apathy or just plain ol' loneliness.   

You're wondering... Where do I start?

                                                                   ...How do I start?!

Now I want you to take a minute to take a deep breath and imagine the following: 

Imagine a deep calm that permeates your entire being - you feel it deep in your gut and your mind too. Imagine that anytime that peace is disturbed you  quickly notice, take a few deep breaths and restore yourself to feeling centered. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing exactly what you want and need to do that day. You feel connected to those you love, purposeful and energized every day. Imagine sitting down to a meal at your table with people you love and feeling so focused because you know that these moments are what truly matters in this fleeting life. 

All of this and more is not only possible, it is your birthright as a human being. I can help you achieve this, starting today. 

I need more info - What can I expect?

Through my own experience and working with other MFAs I've created a path and process that addresses the unique challenges we face as Medical Freedom Advocates. But the real magic comes in when we adapt this formula to your unique challenges, life circumstances and needs. Read on for more!

Hour long Coaching Calls for in-depth connection, Emails for Ongoing Support

Zoom or Phone

Find times and ways for us to connect that work for you. This coaching package includes 5 coaching calls over a period of a 5-7 weeks, depending on your scheduling needs. 

You will also receive unlimited email support between coaching calls

**Ask about Marco Polo option for more flexibility**

A Faster,  Easier Path

A Unique Plan Made Specifically for You

I've been where you are and I've created a way forward that is tailored to Medical Freedom Advocates.

But calls are also based on your unique needs. We'll dive into what specific challenges are keeping you stuck and make a plan so you can feel energized and purposeful. 

 You will receive recordings and emails that include supporting resources. 

More Details

Affordable Pricing

Limited Spots

You can pay in full and save $90 or I offer a payment plan spread over 3 months. See Details Below!

Only 5 Spaces Available**

Truly investing in yourself requires a commitment of time, money and energy and is something you will never regret! 

**Coaching closes when I am at max capacity

"Susan also offers personalized support using whichever modality you feel most comfortable with, like a phone call or a video chat. She is positive and encouraging. She doesn't tell you what is best for you, but has a great talent for leading you to discover it for yourself. Then she helps you make a concrete plan to put those steps into action."

Tonya P.

"I have known Susan May for about a year now. And it's no coincidence that this past year has also been one of explosive growth both in my business and in my personal life. Susan has encouraged me and reminded me that I am not alone. She has given me friendly, helpful nudges to move me forward or redirect me when I get off course and she has laid out a really helpful plan to help me know my next right steps."

Laura Swain

Founder of Learn with Laura Swain

What is this path you speak of?

It's really more of a spiral or a formula than a path - because we are always growing and we usually need to learn lessons more than once! But when you prioritize your growth and work with someone who has already walked the path, the way forward is faster and easier.

There is literally nothing new under the sun - all of the gurus, spiritual leaders, coaches etc., teach the same principles. What is unique is how these principles are applied to you as a distinct individual. There are patterns in the life of a Medical Freedom Advocate - certain beliefs and behaviors that many of us fell into over the years that don't serve us anymore. I can help you retrain your mind and change your daily habits so you start moving towards the life you dream of and deserve. 

 What can I help you with specifically?

  • Parenting 
    • Including children with special needs, the early years and Teens
  • Unschooling/Homeschooling
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Mindset & Meditation
  • Creating New Habits
  • Healthy Life Style/Alternative Health including: 
    • Vitamin C
    • Healthy Sleep
    • Fitting Movement into your life
    • Intermittent Fasting

“Susan is exactly the person we need more of in the world! Her energy and love of life is infectious! Not only is she a fountain of knowledge, but like any great teacher will always guide you to find the answers and truth that's right for you! AND love on you all day long for it. Her values are inspiring and expansive, and you can really feel this within her growing community. The honesty, respect, and kinship among her people speaks volumes, providing a safe place for everyone to come together and celebrate each other, helping one another along the way. This is exactly what the future needs more of!"

Rebecca Jenkin, Founder and Co-owner of Sol Energies

“I enjoyed getting together over zoom last week, thank you for all of your ideas!

​All of this information looks great and I'm feeling good.. like I have a direction to go, which I needed! I haven't been able go through it all in detail yet, but I'm looking forward to spending time with it. I really appreciate the time you have spent considering my situation and helping me!”



What if I'm unsure about what I need to work on?

That's no problem! The most important factor is that you recognize that you feel stuck in some way and *want* to change. I will help guide you to identify which areas of your life you need to focus on first!

How will coaching help me? 

First and foremost, when you commit to doing this for yourself you are sending yourself powerful messages:

1) I am worthy of investing time, money and energy in.
2) I am ready for change!
3) I believe that I am capable of changing.

Second, coaching is a way for you to focus your time and energy on your most important resource: yourself. Most of us need guidance to do this most effectively. The synergy of working with someone who shares your values and is forging a path in line with those values is difficult to quantify but undeniably powerful.

Why can you help me?

I know deep in my bones I can help MFAs get moving on a more peaceful and powerfully creative path. How do I know?

1) Because I've done it in my own life.

2) Because my unique personality, passions, interests and strengths have equipped me to do this important work with you.

3) Because I've already helped others!

      "Thank you, you have given me so much strength to listen to my gut."

      Gretchen Debley

      “Susan, I always ‘lurk’ and have been keeping tabs on you since forever. You have had more of an impact on my life than you will ever know. I truly value and respect your opinion.”

      Sarah S.

      “(I) wanted you to know... that everything you've come up with so far has been stuff I desperately need and stuff I tell my friends to look into."

      Nicole C.

      Still Unsure? Let's talk about the RiseUP guarantee... 

      If after 2 coaching sessions you are not satisfied with the results you are getting, I will refund $475 for those who pay in full and $125 to those who chose the payment plan. Why am I doing this? Because I am confident that you will be happy and excited with how RiseUP coaching is improving your Life! This gives you peace of mind as you make a commitment to something that may be new to you or out of your comfort zone!

      There are 3 conditions to the RiseUP guarantee:

      1) You must show up to the 2 calls with an open heart and mind and not hold back during our time together!

      2) You must take the actions that you commit to during each call. 

      3) A week after the second call if you decide this was not the right decision, we will schedule a time to hop on a 15 minute debrief call. After that call you will receive your refund!

      It's time for you to get moving 

      and I can help!


      Email: riseup@togetherwalking.com 

      or choose which payment option  works for you and book now: