You Believe in Medical Freedom which is not exactly popular these days. It's normal to feel anxious, lonely or hopeless sometimes and that can make you feel STUCK

But you are NOT alone!

"(I) wanted you to know... that everything you've come up with so far has been stuff I desperately need and stuff I tell my friends to look into."

Nicole C.

RiseUP Community Founding Member

"I had had a long winter of frustrations and disappointments and was feeling very stuck and de-energized in my life. I felt like I was finally able to give myself the permission I needed to trust my inner leanings, which were telling me to relax more and trust life....

Looking back, I feel like that month was truly transformational for me."

Joanna S.

Course Participant and RiseUP Community Member

But we don't have to feel alone, anxious or overwhelmed

We can transform how we're feeling which will naturally lead to changing our lives, our family's lives and even the world!

The best way to make change in your life is WITH other people who are walking the same path. In the RiseUP community we share common values and beliefs: medical freedom, compassion, and in proactively making changes to build a better world. 

What is included in the RiseUP Community?

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Member Zoom Calls
  • Member only emails
  • Member only discounts on Coaching and Courses**
  • Tools, Strategies and Content to help you move forward!
  • Loads of Love, Inspiration, Support and Encouragement!

**Members of the RiseUP Community may be invited to participate in challenges, courses or other paid content at discounted prices. Past examples include the "From Frozen to Flow Webinar Experience" ,"21-Day Vitamin C Challenge",  and The "4Ws (What's Wrong with the World) Course"**

"I view you as a fellow medical freedom advocate, and I want to share this opportunity Susan is offering.

​She has a gift for helping people in a way like no one else I have seen."

Tonya P.

Course Participant and Coaching Client

​"I was programmed to have my first reaction to anything I didn't like be rage. That, sadly, is still my default, but I have seriously thought, 'How would Susan react to this?' when I've come across something upsetting and it has really helped me find my fierce kindness."

-Megan W.

Member of the RiseUP Community

In 2020 I saw that our familiy had a distinct advantage as we watched the world fall apart. Our children (then 13, 10 and 4 years old) had never stepped in a school, we had long given up on our reliance on doctors for overall health and well-being and I was already aware of the extreme corruption in the CDC and other government institutions. Despite this, I dove headfirst into nonstop research to keep up with what was going on in the world. I desperately wanted to make sense of it all and help change the direction humanity was heading in.

By 2021 I realized that I needed to change something because the way I was living wasn’t good for me or my family – especially my kids. One small change led to great transformation. I deleted my Facebook account for a few months and replaced scrolling my newsfeed with other habits – like listening to the Tom Woods podcast! One day there was a guest on the show describing one way to serve people with communities. This directly led me to taking a leap of faith into starting my own business.

Now I’ve never been healthier or happier and I get to help other Medical Freedom Advocates achieve the same level of wellness in their lives every day. So many are stuck feeling hopeless, anxious, or overwhelmed – and with good reason! There are a lot of big problems in the world. But the truth is when we focus on what we are in control of (ourselves!) we maximize our positive impact on our immediate family and our larger communities. I have identified negative patterns of thought and behavior specific to our freedom movement that prevent many of us from making changes. Using strategies that target these challenges I am guiding freedom minded people on a path towards empowered, purposeful lives. Being in a supportive community of like-minded people makes the journey even more powerful and fun!


Why are you working specifically with Medical Freedom Advocates?

My mission is to make Medical Freedom Advocates (MFAs) as strong and healthy as possible. Because you are the people I'm determined to build a better world with.

How do you know what steps I need to take to Get Moving?

I believe that we are all unique and therefore we each have different strengths and purposes in our lives. But after observing friends and other MFAs I've noticed trends and habits we share that don't serve us. I've created a common path that helps us all lay the foundation for getting our energy moving again. After laying this foundation our steps forward will diverge to reflect our unique paths. 

Why can you help MFAs improve their lives?

I know deep in my bones I can help MFAs get moving on a more peaceful and powerfully creative path. How do I know?

  1. Because I've done it in my own life.
  2. Because my unique personality, passions, interests and strengths have equipped me to do this important work with you.
  3. Because I've already helped others!

"I have known Susan May for about a year now. And it's no coincidence that this past year has also been one of explosive growth both in my business and in my personal life. Susan has encouraged me and reminded me that I am not alone. She has given me friendly, helpful nudges to move me forward or redirect me when I get off course and she has laid out a really helpful plan to help me know my next right steps."

Laura Swain

Member of the RiseUP community and Founder of Learn with Laura Swain

“I sought out Susan for help & support during an immense period of upheaval, turmoil and change in my life. My son had been diagnosed with Autism last year, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastric Cancer earlier in the year, and my grandmother who I was very close to passed away mere days before my fourth child was born. I had so many questions about everything going on in my life...

Susan provided a calm and cool approach to it all, helped me to navigate all these complex issues and ultimately assisted in formulating a good plan to tackle it all including how to build up both my Medical Freedom Advocate community and Home School Community.

Talking to Susan is like talking to an old friend you’ve known all your life thanks to Susan’s warm and friendly approach. I cannot recommend her enough for whatever you may need help with in your life.”

Jeanette P.

RiseUP community member and Coaching client