My beautiful friend! 💕 

Let me share with you my most nurturing, healing practice.

Mornings are precious!

The way that I choose to spend my morning sets the tone for the day. The rituals that I return to each day create the mood, get me grounded and raise my energy. 

I have some of my best ideas in those wee hours as the sun rises. I practice listening in deeply to my own voice. It holds a power and serenity that I carry with me throughout my day. 

I like to wake before the children and spend that time to myself.
Sometimes it's not to be. I wake up late or the children are up and chit chatting. That's okay too. These rituals and practices are here to nurture me. They are not another way to try and be perfect!

Use this poster as a guide and an inspiration to create a beautiful morning for yourself!

Enjoy your poster! And do share it with anyone whom you think will love it!! 🌞🐞

Lots of Love,