I get how complex it is to balance creativity, entrepreneurship, self care and the practicalities of life. Stress, overwhelm and managing the hustle can leave little energy for the things that matter most.

Do you identify with:

  • Exhaustion and being on the brink mentally

  • Crippling inner voices that destroy your self worth

  • Lack artistic inspiration or challenge

  • Having trouble feeling balanced between professional and personal obligations

  • Feeling alone, without support and a lack of direction

I lift musicians to higher levels of 

meaningful music making.

As a certified Positive Psychology-based life coach I can help you get past the stress and overwhelm to design a gratifying personal and professional life that’s rooted in your values, strengths, and what’s truly meaningful for you.

I believe that any musician can live a fulfilling, musically joyful life without sacrificing your art.  I have developed The Musician's Compass Method, a dynamic, holistic approach to designing individual lifestyles that stem from defining values, strengths, character traits, to get clear on what's most important to you while defining how best to relate with your gifts and talents. 

Through our work together you will:

  • Define your values and develop a holistic lifestyle that reflects your distinct professional path and life 

  • Gain confidence, security, stability and peace of mind

  • Get organized and prioritize your time and schedule

  • Eliminate burnout and exhaustion through developing habits that support your goals and self care.

  • Connect deeply with your true artistic identity to help you design a life bringing you joy and deeper satisfaction.

My Story:

I owe the discovery of my passion for music to Phil Donohue. The story goes that when I was 4, I watched several Suzuki violin kids perform on Donohue’s TV show, and after they finished, I exclaimed,

”That’s what I want to do!”

I never let up on that until I started music lessons at 6, first on piano, then violin at 10, and at 15, switched to viola.

I ended up attending the Eastman School of Music, was a Tanglewood fellow, freelanced with the Minnesota Orchestra, and was recruited to study at the Yale School of Music with a full scholarship in my early to mid 20’s.

Throughout that period I believed I HAD to win an audition with a major symphony orchestra and that if I didn’t, I’d be a failure.

I kept taking orchestral auditions and battled severe performance anxiety. I assumed that I had to do one thing professionally for success and in order to do that, I believed I had to change myself to win. I was determined to solve my audition anxiety problem and in the process, ended up fueling a passion for psychology. Over the next several years studying personal development, taking workshops, and experimenting with various modalities I discovered the field of Positive Psychology and was hooked. My mindset changed, my view was broadened, and curiosity, optimism and possibility became the positive fuel propelling me forward. My journey of self discovery taught me that I didn’t need to choose one path and didn’t have to change myself, I just had to BE myself and could articulate all of who I am through my work.

For me, once I let go of my identity as an orchestral musician, I realized that I can define whatever my career path looks like and experience balance, contentment, joy and achievement. Especially through COVID, which gave me and countless others an unexpected gift: the opportunity to re-evaluate how we want to articulate our talents while connecting with what matters most at the same time.

As artists, our work is a direct reflection of who we are and what we stand for. So let’s make sure that YOU are doing what you want creatively while rooted in what’s most important and make it REALLY WORK for ALL OF YOU.

It’s time to stop trudging through the mud!! Let’s get you reconnected with what’s meaningful to you so you can feel energized and confident in your musical and personal life.

My gift to you:

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