Are you struggling to strike a balance?

Well then this, 3-hour coaching webinar is perfect for you!

During this session Adri Geyer will deep- dive into taking the 1st step of her 12-step program - Bring Balance to Life and Purpose to Work. Step 1 focuses on leadership and understanding how we influence the world around us. She will also use this as an opportunity to touch on the full 12-step process. 

We will explore:

  • Understanding your leadership type to uncover keys to dealing with yourself and others
  • The ability to maximize the effectiveness of your role in a relationship or team
  • This leadership knowledge will help you manage yourself when you are under pressure and when there is conflict and miscommunication

1. Download the free roadmap below

Download the 12 step Roadmap to Bring Balance to Life and Purpose to Work for absolutely FREE

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Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for Healthcare Professionals and related professions. 

Kick-Start the Process of Being:

  • Determine what really drives you and why
  • Learn Key strategies to help turn your passion into profits and your dreams into reality
  • Destroy self-sabotage and achieve more meaningful purpose in your work
  • Eliminate Procrastination to become a productive individual running on all cylinders
  • Find balance in all areas of your life
  • Breakthrough that which is holding you back
  • Relieve tension and build stronger relationships
  • Dissolve volatile emotions like anxiety or guilt that are running your life
  • Unlock abundance and live a life that matters
  • Increase your influence, power and leadership

Hallo I'm Adri

I am a life coach and specialist in human behaviour with an occupational therapy background. I am dedicated to your personal and professional development. 

I believe that your experiences, whether good or bad, have gifted a series of hugely valuable lessons, empowering you to be uniquely you in all spheres of life.

For the last 20 years I've been a keen student of human behaviour. Diving deep into the world of personal growth and transformation. I have attended seminars, courses, read books and have worked alongside John Demartini as one of his experienced facilitators. I've amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principles on why we do what we do.