3 day course to help you ROAR back at fear in your life

Take a lesson from this African proverb.

Did you know that lions use their roar as a scare tactic to make your turn and run right into the mouth of the strongest and most fierce lions? Running towards the roar is actually the best way to get where you want to go. Stop running away from your dreams because the world is "roaring" at you. It's time to roar back and go  live your best life. Take a few minutes for the next three days and get some tactics you can use when you're feeling afraid. 

Day 1

I share some guiding advice on the process on finding your purpose as well as the importance of prayer in the midst of it all.

Day 2

 I take time to dive deeper and share some personal "roars" in my life and two practical ways you can run towards the roar in yours.

Day 3

Dive right into another awesome tactic for running towards the roar, getting rid of fear, and making moves towards your purpose.