If you are an English speaker and you would like to learn Romanian language with a native speaker and benefit from a customized type of learning then


There are  16 academic hours (8 sessions) / month 

(twice weekly sessions).

The classes start on the 12th of September 2023.


On Tuesdays and on Thursdays from 19:00 - 20:30 (Romanian time) on zoom platform.

The reduced price is 997 lei / month if paid till 15th of  August 2023. 

The enrolment after this date is possible only at the full price: 1197 lei / month.

Enrolment deadline: the 10th of September 2023, 23:59 (Romanian time)

What will you get by this course

  • clarity: you will learn Romanian logically and easily, without learning grammar rules by heart
  • efficiency: you will learn HOW to learn Romanian faster so that you can do conversations easily and naturally with a Romanian native speaker, saving a lot of time and money by this method 
  • I am also an English teacher and this could be an advantage for you, because I can tell you the equivalent in English of a Romanian word or rule, if necessary
  • self-confidence: I customize your class by creating your material according to your type of intelligence and your favourite learning stylerespecting also your learning rythm. This will accelerate your progress in learning and will increase your self-confidence at the same time.
  • accuracy: you will be soon able to convey your message into Romanian with accuracy when writing or speaking Romanian.

Your Teacher


My name is LAURA STEFANIA MARA, I am a Romanian native speaker and an English, French and Italian active speaker. 

I can say I have a wide experience in teaching, because I have taught Romanian and foreign languages for more than 20 years.

My Studies: 

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Romanian Language & Literature 
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language & Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Italian Language & Literature
  • Master Degree in Italian Language 
  • Trainer
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