Step into leadership 

Release emotional blocks & stagnant energy

Build a bold future for you and your business

Imagine being surrounded by a group of power house women that expand you and your vision

Have you ever just got around inspirational people and felt like you truly can achieve anything? Well imagine that in a stunning villa in Spain, mapping out the future of your business

Imagine leaving with a solid plan of how to execute your next 6 figure year - in a way that feels so exciting you’re ready to get to WORK straight away

9th - 13th of October 2024 / 7th-11th May 2025 

Limited spots available!!

For the woman that knows she is here to do big things...

You understand the value of being in the room with people that are making moves and working towards and extraordinary future

Ladies, I present to you...

Where you meet with your inner child and your future self

Say goodbye to self doubt and holding yourself back

And HELLO to the leader you’ve always been destined to become

I can only explain this experience as deeply transformational

This isn’t just a reset retreat where you come in and leave feeling a little refreshed (we love those too!) but this is so much more than that

I will guide you through a journey of discovery.

Discover the shadow self, the parts of you you’ve been pushing away

Discover the fear, the ego and the pride that keeps you where you are

But most importantly discover the potential within you

Discover the woman you’ve always wanted to be

Discover the version of you that truly gets to have it all

You get to be so in love with your life while still running a wildly successful business

I combine powerful somatic practice with sales and marketing strategy - A truly unique approach that is being recognised as so important for female leaders

I know you’re tired of facing blocks in business, I know sometimes old beliefs come up and you can’t seem to shake them off, I know you know a strategy is powerful but if we don’t work on the internal world - nothing changes

Well this is where I come in

This is where everything changes

This is where you get to shed layers in such a small period of time and step into the leader that makes things happen

A common thing that I saw with each of these women, regardless of the success they had achieved, there was always a new ‘block’ , a new belief unlocked at each level and new milestones they hit… There was an identity gap, from the woman they once were and that people knew them as, and the woman that they were becoming

I too have been there - I was lugging a huge sack of beliefs, shame, scarcity even while I was seeing huge success… And that's when I stumbled upon Breathwork

I started to use the modality more and more often to make decisions, to understand myself, to become aware of the autopilot that was playing out and keeping me stuck. Every session I went to cleared something, goals became clearer, action became quicker and I started to see even more success

That’s when I knew strategy wasn’t enough - I had to bring this in. I had to learn how to support my clients in a way that worked with their subconscious mind as well as there external world

And guess what? 

The way you lead yourself will show up as a direct reflection in your results

So what happens while we’re away?

Here’s what you can expect on our journey together! I have a very specific framework that works - I’ve supported multiple high level business owners on retreat now and although some of the themes may change the framework remains the same…

On day 1 you will get yourself to our stunning location where you will be welcomed with some welcome tea and snacks, I’ll run through everything you can expect on retreat and take you to your beautiful room where you will make yourself at home for the next few days

We will kickstart with a gentle welcome ceremony, I’ll guide you through a Breathwork session underneath the stars and together we will get to know each other and set our intentions for the following few days

Day 2 will be focused on clearing and release - Imperative when building plans so that you actually take action. Your results are my priority and therefore I want you to leave knowing deep within you that YOU CAN achieve this, the theme can vary form shadow work, triggers, feminine and masculine energy and money mindset work. I can assure you that this will be a life changing day

You’ll leave day three with total clarity on what it is that you want to create. Day 3 will be a lighter day so that you have time to process and feel everything that came up - Space is so important on retreat and I always take that into consideration

We will have a shorter session on this day focused on what your bigger vision is and how you want your business to look. Expanding your mind while being surrounded by other power houses in business.

Day 4 is when we mastermind and build your action plan! Think leaving with a clear timeline of how you’re going to take action over the following 6-12 months

Everything that we put together on day three will come to life on day 4, timeline, sales strategy, content and marketing and anything else you want to cover on that day!

Day 5 we will say our goodbyes and go off to do our own thing… But it doesn’t end there!

You heard me - Once we’ve all said our goodbyes and got back home or onto the following destination, after some processing and decompression time you all have an exclusive 1:1 bonus session with me via Zoom and then we will mastermind together in a group on Telegram for WHOLE MONTH!

Secure your spot now starting from £1,997!

Private rooms are £2,497 - Payment plans are available and you can secure your space with a deposit now!

That is not everything… There's more!

You will have access to optional activities throughout the retreat such as Breathwork, morning yoga and an optional activity in the sun! You will all also get a few personal photos done by a professional photographer so you can show off your retreat time on the grid if you want to or just keep them as memories for yourself!


-Where and when is the retreat? 

The 9th-13th of October 2024 and the 7th-11th of May 2025 (only 1 space remaining!) 

Both will be held in the gorgeous Vila Joiosa in Spain (Closest airport Alicante)

-Is everything included?

Yep! The only thing you have to do is get yourself there and get your travel insurance, I’ll take care of everything else!

-How many people will be on retreat?

Up to 5-7 guests per retreat

-If I share a room how many will be in the room?

As a maximum 2 per room

-I have dietary requirements. Is that okay?

Yep! I can’t see any issue with that - please just fill in the form and let me know and I will be in touch if there’s anything I can’t do!

-Will there be down time?

YES!! I’ve run a couple of retreats now and I see that as a priority, I want you to leave rested as well as ready to go!!