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Get My Favorite Free Plugins eBook!

These tools will help you level up your mixes and masters without having to spend a penny! I can't believe many of these are free.  

This eBook covers many categories of plugins including: 

✅ Compressors
✅ Drum Samples/Players

Guitar Sims
✅ Impulse Loaders
✅ Room Analysis/Correction
✅ Clippers/Limiters
✅ Saturation/Distortion


Bobby Balow

Hey! This is Bobby, the owner of Raytown Productions which is an online mixing, mastering and production studio in outskirts of Washington, DC. I’ve written and played music for over 15 years and understand the needs of a recording musician. I’ve worked with clients that range from bedroom producers to the winner of NBC’s Songland and platinum selling artists. My goal is to connect with artists to ensure the vision of each song has been captured and brought to life.

To help my fellow up and coming music creators, I’ve launched the Raytown Productions Blog, an online educational platform providing top-quality tutorials and tips for musicians, producers, and home studio owners looking to take their music to the next level. If videos tutorials are more your thing, my YouTube channel offers NEW VIDEOS WEEKLY on mixing, mastering, audio production, and sometimes gear 🤘