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We feel so bad for everyone who worked so hard to train for their spring races, only to have them all canceled or postponed. Now is the perfect time to improve your running, learn how to restructure your training and get ready for the summer and fall race seasons.  

We have created a 4 part online course that will be comprised of LIVE online classes and question and answer sessions, where participants will have the chance to learn, ask questions and participate.  Miss a class? No big deal all classes will be recorded and sent via a private video link.

Our Next session starts on May 12, 2020

Lesson #1

Strength Training At Home - We will cover how to determine your own personal areas of weakness and how to pick what exercises to use to address them. We will focus on what to do at home, but will also include great options for once you can get back into a gym

Lesson #2

Running Drills, Technique & Equipment Recommendations - We all love to get out there and run, but when is the last time you did a drill to improve your running form or technique? (Current patients better say yesterday!). In this lesson we will go over some easy drills, explain what you should be looking for technique wise, and obviously talk a lot about shoes!

Lesson #3

How To Safely Train For Longevity - As Races are canceled planning your training can be difficult. As runners we are used to having a clear goal in sight. In this lesson we will cover how to properly structure your days, weeks and months to stay injury free and train for a lifetime! We will cover some of the most common running related injuries and how to make sure you avoid them. Did you know that most running injuries are really training errors?

Lesson #4

How To Improve Your Performance - All The above stuff is important but we know that for most of you improving your performance is a primary goal! We all want to run faster and set that new PR once we are able to race again! We will cover how to find your training zones from both a pace and heart rate perspective, where that speed will come from, and how to prioritize everything to help you get faster!

The whole course will be available for $99.  The First class will Saturday 3/21.  In order to ensure a personalized experience we are going to limit this to the first 25 people to sign-up, so sign-up today!