I'm so excited to be painting this Russian Nesting Doll family with you. In order to prep for class I'm sending you these instructions and supply list. We will be painting together via Zoom on Saturday May 1st at 1:00 PM EST.   

   I have includes a short video to show you how to trace your design on the canvas. You can trace the design as is or just trace on as many dolls as you want. You can choose an 8"x10" or 11"x14" canvas. I have provided tracings for both.    

Happy Painting!


I like the inexpensive synthetic brushes. I like to have a couple of flats and rounds. You might want one of your rounds to be a small detail brush. You might want a little larger flat like a 3/4" or 1". But whatever you have is fine.

You may use an 8"x10" or 11"x14" canvas. I have provided tracings for each size. You may use a panel or stretched. You can also use a mixed media pad if you wish.

You can speed up the drying time of your paint with a hairdryer.

Tracing your pattern on your canvas

If you don't have a transfer paper you can simple rub graphite on the back of your tracing with a pencil.

There are different transfer papers you can use to transfer your design to the canvas.

When you are transferring your design make sure you have the graphite side down before you trace and tape your tracing to your canvas.

Paint colors

The top row are the colors I am using. I chose 5 colors for my palette plus black and white. We will get the lighter shades needed by mixing with white. I like to limit my palette to keep the painting cohesive. But remember you can choose any 5 colors you like. I will mix the flesh color from my colors but if you have a shade you like please feel free to use that. I know the colors show up a little skewed on the computer. But I chose a golden ochre, teal blue, plum, sage green, and coral. Any brand acrylic paint is fine.

Here is a tutorial for another painting but will show you how

to trace your pattern on your canvas.