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Parents tell me that parenting their child who has experienced trauma is baffling, overwhelming, and actually...even traumatic.

I get it.  Well, as much as I can. I’ve spent 15 years hunkered down in the trenches with parents struggling just like you.

You're trying to figure out the lying, stealing, control, manipulation.

Extreme tantrums. Totally spaced out. Even violence and aggression.

What if I told you that ALL behavior is simply the thing we can SEE that let’s us know what’s happening on the INSIDE- in our children’s brains, minds, bodies, and hearts.

What if I told you that we can put on our x-ray vision goggles and look for clues on how to help our child's behavior become more manageable with three specific questions??

  1. Is your child regulated? (and are you?!)
  2. Is your child connect to you- in this moment and overall
  3. Does your child feel safe? (Feeling safe & BEING safe aren’t always the same thing!)

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When we know what's causing the problem

we can actually do something to fix it!

Symptoms are things we can see that help us know there's a problem.

The behaviors you see are just the tip of the iceburg...the symptoms.

We can use those symptoms to help us figure out the real problem. But we've got to go past fixing the behaviors (symptoms!) and address the real problem if we want real, lasting change. 

You know this because you’ve TRIED behavior management techniques.  And either the behaviors come back or a new challenging behavior pops out.

You’re ready to stop playing whack-a-mole™ with behavior techniques and get to the real root of the problem.

You’re ready to feel confident in your parenting and connected to your kid…even if you kid’s behavior NEVER CHANGES (which ultimately…we can’t control).

You’re ready to come to know your child’s true-self…a precious, perfectly imperfect kid who has been impacted by trauma. As a child who is ALWAYS doing the very best they can. As a child who has brilliantly brave protective behaviors who are fighting a valiant fight to keep them safe.

You’re ready to help your child rest. To help them feel regulated, connected, and safe so that their amazing selves can emerge.

You’re ready to change how you see your child AND yourself as a parent so that you can feel better…even if your child’s behavior never changes.

Course will re-open for registration in the fall of 2020!

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After completing this self-paced online course you’ll have...

  • Clarity around your child’s behaviors 
  • Confidence that SEEING your child clearly actually IS a parenting tool! REALLY! 

But more than that, you’ll... 

  • Master the ability to identify your child’s level of regulation (based on a four stage model) and utilize parenting interventions based on that! 
  • Develop practical ways to help YOURSELF stay regulated and connected, even in the face of difficult behavior. 
  • Feel confident that you are a parent who is doing the very best they can…even if your child’s behaviors never change. 

A quick heads up...

Much of the content in this course was previously taught as 

"Healing Trauma from the Heart...with the Brain in Mind"

If you took that course (either online or in-person) drop me an email for $50 off this lifetime access 

(plus updated and expanded) online course!!!

Are you ready for this deep dive into the brain, the impact of trauma, and most importantly…you?!

This course is right for you if you are...

  • Ready to move past behavior intervention techniques
  • Longing to find a way to see your child's true self...even if they never show it to you
  • Willing to do the hard work of looking inward in order to move onward

This course might not be the best fit for you if you are...

  • Looking for the right behavior intervention to change your child’s behaviors
  • Most comfortable with consequence-based parenting interventions 
  • Not interested in considering (and addressing) the behaviors underlying cause
  • Parenting a child with chronically dangerous behavior (violence, aggression, substance abuse, sexually acting out, self-injury)

The nitty-gritty details

For a one-time investment of $187, you'll receive lifetime access to this self-paced, online course, including:

  • Videos
  • Self-reflection journal prompts
  • Implementation worksheets

You’ll gain clarity around your child’s behavior and confidence in your ability to manage those behaviors. 

Seeing your child for who they really are…precious beings who have been profoundly hurt…will nurture your heart, increase compassion, and bring more peace to your relationship with your child- even if their behaviors never change.

Much of the content of this course was previously taught at live conferences and in an online webinar.  

Here is what those participants had to say....

Course will re-open for registration in the fall of 2020!

Join the waiting list!

Hey wait!!!


Supporting our kid clients' parents is a HUGE (and super hard) part of our job!!!  This course will help you gain confidence, skills, and tools for supporting the parents of your clients who have a history of trauma.  Since you'll be learning along with parents, you'll understand the language that connects with parents, helps them feel super seen, and actually works!  

How much does this course cost?

  • $187 for lifetime & unlimited access.

When will registration open again?

  • I am not sure~ sometime in the fall of 2020!!  In 2020, it's hard to plan any further ahead than a few days!

What actually IS an online course?

  • You'll get access to videos, self-reflection exercises, and action worksheets that you can do at your own pace. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do one module per week, including ALL the self-reflection exercises and action worksheets in order to get the maximum benefit from the course. much information is there in this course?

  • A LOT.  There are six hours of audio and video (mostly video) content that teaches the material.  
  • I've created 50 worksheets and downloads!  Some worksheets encouraged you to reflect on the material and notice how you're reacting (an important step if you want to successfully implement the material). Some of the worksheets outline specific action and implementation steps to take in order to take the information and apply it to real life.  A few of the worksheets are designed for you to print and hang-up, prompting you to stay connected to the material as you get through your hard, every day life.  
  • Over 90 minutes of audio is included the help guide you through effectively using the self-reflection and action item worksheets!
  • I'm also working on getting EVERYTHING transcribed, so if you are hearing impaired or simply learn better through reading (or reading AND listening) I've got you covered!

What about if you update the course?

  • Your lifetime and unlimited access to the course means that you'll always have access to the most up-to-date content. If I update videos, change the worksheets, or add more content, you'll always get those updates- and you'll NEVER be charged more!

How will I access the course?

  • When completing your purchase, you'll create an account where you login to access the course content. 

What is your refund policy?

  • There is no risk! If this course is not meeting your expectations or helping you make changes in your family, you can request a full refund within 30 days. All I ask is that you send me your completed self-reflection exercises and action worksheets.

I've taken some of your trainings before- how is this one different?

  • There is definitely some overlap between this course and "Healing Trauma From the Heart with the Brain in Mind," a six-hour parent course offered in 2018 and 2019, as well as between this course and the webinars "Creating Felt Safety" and "Untangling Disorganized Attachment." If you attended or purchased any of those trainings, you should be receiving a discount code in your email. Keep your eyes peeled! If you don't receive that code before you purchase, just drop me an email and I'll provide it for you!

Is this course a substitute for therapy? Or one-on-one parent coaching?

  • This course will be a wonderful addition to counseling, therapy, coaching, or a parenting support group. It is not a REPLACEMENT for any one-on-one counseling, therapy, or coaching. This course is NOT therapy.

I really can't afford this course...can you recommend anything else?

Course will re-open for registration in the fall of 2020!

Join the waiting list!