Priyanka Naomi John

Hi there!

I'm Priyanka, a Biotech engineer-turned-freelance writer/designer! 

I took a break from my full-time career when I had to move to London with my husband, and when we came back to India, we were expecting our now 2-year-old daughter! Although that was exciting, I couldn't get back to work - cuz no one's gonna hire a pregnant lady. 

I was stuck at home, not wanting to leave my little one and go back to work, but at the same time, unsatisfied because I needed something to do.

After a lot of searching, and trial and error, I finally stumbled upon freelance writing.

Writing is something I love to do - I've enjoyed it since I was in school. So I decided to use my writing skills and creativity to start a home-based career in writing and graphic designing!

My life has never been the same! I now earn a full-time income working only when my baby naps, and I've never felt so satisfied!

I want to help you too!

It IS possible to have a flexible freelance career and have lots of time with your family too! 

Imagine cutting down on time spent in traffic, being home with your family, and finding more time to do the things you love. Imagine making a career out of your passion for writing and designing! 

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