My Story To Screen Opportunity

Shannon Poshe Anderson has announced her new docuseries where she will feature and highlight men and women with powerful stories that will inspire and motivate the masses.

Riding the wave of her success as a publisher where she has helped hundreds of people to write and publish their books, as well as her own documentary that can be found on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, and The Roku Channel; Shannon is looking to give back like never before and give others the opportunities that she didn’t have.


Shannon’s docuseries (Title will be announced to active participants) is geared towards highlighting the stories of men and women who have been dealt life’s toughest blows but yet, have come out on top. With so much chaos in the world, Shannon’s goal is to add more inspiration into the world, by offering relatable stories that people can connect with and find hope.

What You Get

*Production/Editing of quality interview highlighting your story

*Media Training leading up to the project to ensure that you show up well on camera and able to speak in a way that connects with the audience

*Brand Story development learn how to structure your story in the film that will make people want to follow your brand

*Being involved with this project could potentially lead to other opportunities

*Authority You will now be recognized as an authority in your industry which will help you build out your brand, which could potentially lead to selling more products and services, as well as lead to other opportunities.


*Project could potentially go to television which will give you the opportunity to reach and inspire more people

*Hair and makeup the day of shooting

*Red Carpet And Movie Premiere

*Promotion and marketing 

We are not looking to tell your whole story, only one defining moment story. You retain all rights to your story.


How to find your story

How to structure your story

Hitting the points

Defining your mission

Creating your product suite

Cost $2,000

Interview And Book

Get everything in My Story To Film Opportunity Plus

6 week book writing course to help you write with ease

* Professional Book Cover Design

* ISBN Registration

*Formatting & Interior Design

*Editing: spelling, grammar, and punctuation ( Up to 40,000 words, additional fees apply afterwards)

* Publish to Amazon and all online retailers

* 10 Author Copies

* Two 15 minute check in calls

Cost $5,000