The Self-Care Reboot

The Self-Care Reboot is the new book from the Mommy Takes 5 blog author, Becky Miller.

This book will be your guide through setting up a self-care schedule that any busy mom can stick to, breaking through the mom guilt we all feel, making a rock solid self-care plan, what to do when faced with circumstances that throw us off and so much more.  This book is loaded with advice and stories from a mom who burned herself out by trying to be superwoman. 

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"I've been following Becky's blog for a few years and know how passionate she is about self-care for moms. I had the opportunity to get an advance copy of Becky's book and it is awesome! 

This is a great resource for moms at any stage of parenting. Parenting is hard, no matter what your kiddos age, when they are young, it's physically demanding but as they get older, it becomes more emotionally and psychologically challenging.

  Taking just 5 or 10 minutes to catch your breath and not be pulled at can make all the difference. I love how Becky has laid out the book, helps you figure out a self-care routine specific to your own needs and time constraints and gives suggestions of activities to do. Definitely, something I'll be writing in and referring back to over time."


"...Of course, it’s true. Moms DO deserve self-care, but at the same time, we are so bogged down by guilt for doing anything for ourselves, and not the greater good. In our minds, self-care is selfish. How dare we do our nails, read a book for ourselves or even go to the bathroom alone . . . there is laundry to be folded!

It’s overwhelming for most new moms. No one gives us a roadmap for that. In the grand scheme of motherhood, self-care is another entry in our nagging to-do list.

This is your roadmap. This book is not “take care of yourself because your kids need you . . . you’ll figure out how to find the time!” this book is a guide to what you need to make your own self-care plan. I feel like this book is a bible for structuring your time with your children, so you can still have time for yourself-- without the guilt.

This is not just a self-help book, this is very much a self-care reboot. If you’re like me and suffering through weekends with the lack of structure for your children, give this book a read."



All I can say is, “WOW!” What a great book!!! I really needed this reminder. Even though our kids are older and they don’t need me as much as in their early years, I sometimes forget that I still need to prioritize time for me. I might not be as busy as I used to be, but this book reminded me that I tend to be “busy” in so many other ways and I need to stop, prioritize and get things done. And when you prioritize, you also need to include your time. Whatever it might be?

This book is a great learning tool, and as she says in the book, she wants you to mark it up, make it messy, highlight parts that stick out to you. I found so many of those parts in this book. So many things that jumped off the page, like she was talking directly to me.

This will definitely be a book that I will read, and re-read again, and again. And I am sure that I will find something new each time.


I love this book! As a busy mom of 4 boys, I know I need to take for time for self care. This book has wonderful (and practical!) tips to help you set a plan for yourself and begin taking time for self. My favourite part - reinforcing how important even 5 minutes a day can be. No more waiting until Monday, I am going to get started now!

About the Author

Becky Miller

I am Becky, the woman behind the blog Mommy Takes 5, where I write about the struggles of motherhood and self-care. 

As a work from home mom, the struggle to balance taking care of the house and family became the sole focus and it wasn't until hitting a wall, and realizing that the person I was longing to be was still inside me and accessible.  I didn't have to give up all the parts of myself that enjoyed a little pampering. I just needed to make sure I took care of those parts of myself, and in doing so I could be a better wife and mother.