Anchor into the NEW EARTH

Download this Visualisation Now and:


1. Discover an easy way to anchor into New Earth energies and experience a connection to 5D Gaia and her gatekeepers


2. Gain a super-charged activation into your abundant and most expansive frequencies.


3. Receive information on Custom Energy Tools, specifically for YOUR energy work and daily mindset and spiritual practice



I’m Bethan Carr and I am a Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Energy Coach .  I provide energy clearing sessions, activations and powerful initiations into the shamanic realms to assist you in moving into the New Earth Paradigm.   

You have something special to bring to the world and it’s time to expand into every part of yourself, to strip away everything that is not you and stand in your own truth and realise how powerful you are

This visualisation will introduce you to the elemental energies of the NEW EARTH.  You will meet the Council of 9, the 9 elders and shaman who hold space for the 5th dimensional earth. 

You will receive gifts and guidance as you step into these new energies and frequencies ARE YOU READY TO STEP IN:

To a brand new adventure, a new exploration and a NEW REALITY?