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Paranormal Romance ~ Romantasy ~ Reverse Harem

Jade Bones is a paranormal romance and reverse harem author who loves writing about tempting, swoon-worthy supernatural men and the (equally swoon-worthy) women who steal their hearts.

More than just the romance, Jade especially loves to create worlds that mix together gritty urban aesthetics with surreal, dream-like magic.

(Her books and newsletter are for mature readers only, 18+.)


The Merman's Gift

They say the Flower of Pearl only blooms once a year, on Valentine's Day eve. This year, that flower is mine.

Lovers seek it because legend says mer princes gift it to their soulmates, in their cities below the water. If the flower blooms when you whisper your lover's name, you're destined to be together forever.

I don't care about the damn myth. I need this flower's healing properties so I can save someone. I need it to make up for what I've done.

And I won't let this beautiful man with the coral eyes and the secret smile get in my way.

Contains explicit scenes of intimacy. Mature readers only, 18+