Did you know there's an abundance of TLC we can give to ourselves in 5-10 mins!?

In the same way we can slay an important email, wipe off a counter, put the finishing touches on a report before deadline, lovingly tend to our child’s booboo or close a deal, we can also slow down to tune into ourselves and give ourselves the attention we need.



There’s an infinite variety of creative ways to curate rich self care experiences for ourselves in short windows of time. In helping our mind make the switch from being solely creative for the sake of being productive, to being resourceful in our daily self love, it helps to have a visual reminder of ideas in our physical space.

With this printout you can either fold up the papers and place in a jar or adhere them to craft sticks and literally take them out when you have a few unexpected minutes to yourself.  The rose colored ones are for 1-5 minute windows and the sunshine colored ones are for 5-10 minute windows.


Self care doesn't need to be postponed until your thoroughly planned and long anticipated vacation time arrives, you can start now in small steps. The self care jar is a great first step in beginning to place your self care as top priority

Do you ace taking care of everything for everyone else, but struggle making time for yourself?


The Self Care Jar was adapted from the Pinterest craze the Bored Jar” for kids.  The idea is to make it easy to use 5-10 minute windows of time on your well being by having ideas on hand. After taking my printout and sticking the label onto your own jar and it's cut out ideas on to your own craft sticks you'll have a fun visual reminder to take time to refuel and reconnect with yourself.

About me

Lorena Reynoso-Singh

As a working mom I know first hand how hard it can be to begin and maintain self care habits through the ups and downs of life. For this reason keeping it simple is what can make or break the long term staying power of a self care habit. The Self Care Jar concept can seem deceptively simple and basic, that's exactly why it works!

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