What does Bean's Farm do?

Bulk & Bagged Mulch

The area's largest volume dealer

We recycle natural logs and wood chips into a great mulch, keeping tens of thousands of cubic yards of material out of the waste stream and back into the natural growing cycle.  

Tools and Supplies

Use what the pros use

We carry great quality products that you can depend on to get your landscape job done right.  Always priced right or we don't carry it!

Weber Grills

Hampshire's Weber Dealer

We stock Weber Grills and accessories, as well as Double-o-Drums smokers and a range of great tasting bbq sauces, rubs and local honey.  All from fantastic local organizations!

Thank You

Our Story

The farm traces its beginning to 1854, when Jezreal Bean emmigrated here with his young family from New Hampshire.  His son, grandson, great grandson and now me all have made their living from this place.  Soon I hope to bring back some of the practices they used as I add a bit of actual farming to our mulch operation. Thank you to all our customers, friends and family who have helped make this possible.

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