What if there was a 


course to help you finally get your book published? 

You've always wanted to write a book, but have no idea where to begin... I understand and this is why I created 

Write Now 

To help you go from feeling afraid, stuck, stalled, or overwhelmed. I want to see you succeed! 


Every time I try to write my inner fears / critics stop me dead.

This writing course will deal directly with writing mindset through targeted tools and exercises. 


I've started a book or a story, but I'm not sure it's any good.

Sound familiar? Learn the keys to great writing from professional editors and published authors.  


I'm well into a book creation but getting it published feels overwhelming.

Not only will this course help you polish and refine your material, it will also introduce you to the publishing process and give you direct access to professional editors and publishers.


I'm busy. I have been waiting for a time in my life when I can focus on writing, but it hasn't arrived yet.

This course is structured to keep you writing and learning without interfering with your daily life. You will be guided and challenged all within YOUR schedule.  

The time to begin is 

Write Now

Sign up today and you can be well on your way to publishing your book in 2021! I want to see YOU succeed and publish YOUR book! 

By the end of this course you will have pages, chapters, and hours of real writing under your belt!