The Intentional Stay-at-Home Mom

An online course to help stay-at-home moms thrive in their role.

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Amy Webb, Ph.D.

After being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years (and counting), Amy has learned more lessons about child development, motherhood (and herself) than she could have ever imagined. With this course, she combines her knowledge of child development and experience as a stay-home-mom together to help other moms thrive in this challenging but rewarding role. 

Being at stay-at-home mom isn't about creating a perfect child. It's about nurturing your child's unique gifts to help them be the person they are meant to be.



Stay-at-Home Mom Academy

The course will focus on helping moms:

- find more meaning in their role as stay-at-home mom

- find time for self-care that will feed their spirit

- learn how to incorporate developmentally appropriate kids' activities into their routine

- stop feeling guilty for "not getting enough done" each day

Nurturing the Future, Nurturing Ourselves