Salves & Balm Course

There is a movement happening right now to become more self-reliant and learning how to make your own herbal products is a good start!

This course will teach you the basic skill of making salves and balms. It is so gratifying to help your family and friends when they come to you with their minor burns, cuts, wounds, muscle aches and pain, and you can help them with the salves you have made with your own two hands. 

Not to mention they make great presents and are cost effective!

There are step by step instructions on how to make salves and balms as well a short description of the main herbs used in the formulas. 

This course has over fifty time- tested salve and balm formulas to meet your family's needs for the different stages of of life, from diaper rash salve to joint pain salves.  If you need it there is a salve for it!

 Course Outline



Material Needed


Working with Essential Oils

Essential Oil Dilution

Crystals and Energetics

How to Make an Infused Oil

Salve Formulations

How to Make a Salve


Good for:

Arthritis- Cannabis Salve or Cayenne

Bedsores- Evergreen Salve

Bites & Stings- Calendula Salve

Bruising - Arnica Salve or Comfrey Salve

Burns & Sunburn - Calendula Salve

Boils - Goldenseal & Myrrh

Chest Rub- Evergreen Salve

Dry skin - Red Clover Salve

Eczema & Psorsisas - Red Clover

Fungal infections- Black Walnut

Fractures- Arnica salve or Comfrey Salve

Hemorrhoids - Yarrow Salve

Infections - Goldenseal Salve

Ligaments & Tendons - Solomon's Seal

Pain- Cannabis Salve jor Cayenne Salve

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak -Calendula

Rashes - Red Clover Salve

Sciatica - St. John's Wort Salve

Shingles - St. John's Wort Salve

Sprains- Arnica Salve or Comfrey Salve

Splinters - Yarrow Salve

Varicose Veins - Yarrow Salve

Some of the Salves:

Arnica Salve

Black Walnut Salve

Calendula Salve

Cannabis Salve

Comfrey Salve

Goldenseal Salve

Lavender Salve

Peppermint Salve

Red Clover Salve

Solomon's Seal Salve

St. John's Wort Salve

White Pine Salve

Yarrow Salve Salve and More

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Salves & Balm Course

All the salve formulas you will ever need! From diaper rash to joint pain, this course has them all. Healthy, clean, fun to make and cost-effective.

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In Canada herbalists are not currently a regulated profession, there are several self-regulating associations in Canada.

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