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Hello! My name is Sarah.

I am sport and performance psychologist and provide mental coaching to help individual of all ages and abilities achieve their goals in sport. I work one-to-one and groups of athletes and coaches via video link online.

- Have you already experienced success in your sport?

- Do you now want to strengthen your mental skills to allow you to move up to the next level and show up to competitions feeling calm, confident and in control?

- Are you motivated, committed and ready to make lasting changes?

If you are looking for results-driven, scientifically-backed sports psychology coaching – then you’re in the right place. Learn the mental skills elite athletes use to perform at their best and apply them to your own sport. If you’re ready to commit to make changes (for the better) – then hit the button below to book a FREE, no obligation, strategy call.

I can't wait to get to know you better!