Coming Fall 2018!

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I and the ending of the Great War, Anumpa Warrior honors these doughboys and their unique service.

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“I was spellbound, speechless, and teary eyed. Sarah has given life to what might otherwise have remained obscure historical facts and vague memories from 100 years ago. I'm amazed at the reality she managed to weave into such a multi-faceted story of courage, ingenuity, and diversity. As a Southeast Oklahoma Choctaw, I'm honored and proud of the service of these young Choctaw soldiers. As the granddaughter of a WWI Choctaw Code Talker, I am deeply affected by the way Sarah told their story.”

—Beth (Frazier) Lawless, granddaughter of Tobias Frazier

“Sarah is a truly a gifted storyteller and author and I say châpeau, hats off to you! This is such a great story that needed to be told and shared with the world. Her eloquent style and words give it so much life and spirit. Your book left me with a very strong, uplifting message.”

— Jeffrey Aarnio, former superintendent, American Battle Monuments Commission

“Well written and very accurate historically. I was captivated by B.B.'s experiences that made him who he was. The human experiences brought the facts to life.”

—Erin Fehr, (Yup’ik) Archivist, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Sequoyah National Research Center

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