Prophecy brought them together, but who will it destroy?

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Freebies Include:

Shadow in Ar'Sanciond

"It's a great book, filled with thrill, romance, fantasy, the perfect combination in my opinion." (ARC review)

Would you abandon your daughter to save her life?

Pashros Kai Zo

Get the short story about the day five-year-old Rachael was abandoned in Blackrock and the events leading up to Erimentha's fateful decision - only here, on this list!

What's the worst that can happen when a group of mages summon a demon from a realm they don't understand?

Night of the Wisp

This is a short story about the night that began it all:

When a group of Midokan mages came together to summon a demon from the Mists.

When that Mist Shadow possessed a human child...

And Yua's new life began.

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  • Banter on some of Sarina's favourite things such as mental health, tarot cards, awesome fantasy books and video games, animals, and writing inspiration.
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