Welcome to the March 2020

SAT Battle Plan Weekend(s)...all from HOME

No virus can stop us from pursuing your future :)

Hi again, MVC Parents!

I hope you're having a fantastic start to your spring season as a family and that Jesus is blessing you and your student immensely with more of his presence and that he's giving you peace and sanity as you navigate everything high school life entails, including the whole college entrance puzzle.

And I hope that you all are safe, healthy, and finding the strength to live free from fear...or to at least look fear in the face and live in courage DESPITE the fear.

As you know...with the latest measures being taken to keep your students safe and healthy, school will be happening from home. So, in that same spirit, our SAT class coming up will be done completely online, through LIVE Zoom calls and real-time instruction, interactive workshopping, and Battle Plan crafting.

And, since MVC families and students are often very busy, traveling from all different counties, handling a rigorous academic load, hustling to sports, and even working jobs on top of all that...

I'd like to offer you a first-of-its-kind SAT prep opportunity that will give your student maximum SAT training and practice with minimal demand on your family's full schedule.

What I have found is that SAT prep can often feel like 

  • getting the car oil changed
  • having the dentist take a look at that tooth
  • calling the IRS about that missing tax refund

We know we should do it. But when do we find the time? 

So what happens is families work hard to do all of the NORMAL life stuff, then suddenly realize, "Oh shoot! We need to get ready for the SAT! We need to register! You, son or daughter, need to practice! Have you been practicing?!"

And the whole thing can become frantic, stressful, confusing, and a massive bummer.

Then, students feel nervous and anxious because they haven't faced the giant head-on until the last minute. So they feel like a powerless victim of the test instead of like the powerful son or daughter of God that they are. Instead of like the Conqueror that they are. Instead of like the world-changer that they are.

The Truth about High Scores

But since the most sure-fire way of scoring high on the SAT is to actually put in quality prep (both getting good instruction and also practicing with that instruction), students' scores end up suffering.

Because the truth is...1600 scorers aren't just born that way. In interview after interview with perfect scorers, it's been shown across the board that they all had this in common:

They studied ravenously.

And this isn't just normal school material studying. They didn't just brush up on their math or their english or whatever. They actually studied the actual SAT. They studied how to take the test.

And then they practiced the RIGHT way.

This is why it's so important to somehow find a way to get the SAT prep into your schedule. High GPAs aren't necessarily signals of high test scores.

Neither are low GPAs indicative of a pending low test score.

If the student is willing to put in the right work--hard work--THEN they are more likely to score higher.

How This Class Solves the Problem

In the past, students of my weekly night classes had to go home after a full school day with my 3 or 4-hour SAT class on top of that, only to start their 2 to 3 hours of homework...squeeze in dinner...and hopefully sleep.

Feeling like there MUST be a way for you to get premium SAT coaching without having to skip meals for a month just to do so, I'm excited to offer this first ever SAT BATTLE PLAN WEEKEND(S), where we will charge full steam ahead for just one Friday and one Saturday...and then another Friday...that's it.

The class was GOING to be just one weekend, with three hours Friday, and six hours Saturday, when we were going to be on campus. But with the closing of the campus, I'm thinking that most students won't be able to hang in there for a six hour video conference.

So, we will do the following:

  • 2pm to 5pm on Friday March 27
  • Then students will be able to opt for either:
    • 6 hours - 9am to 3pm on Saturday March 28
    • OR 3 hours - 9am to 12pm on Saturday March 28 and then another 3 hours on Friday April 3rd, 2pm - 5pm
  • Completely from home, using LIVE Zoom Video Conferencing

My hope, even though I know there's no perfect day that would work for EVERYONE, is that this format, just a single weekend will allow you to have your cake and eat it too. Get good SAT prep, and not lose any more sleep in the process.

By signing up for this weekend, you will:

Get Your Student the Best SAT Training Available (4.5 hours)

  • Learn the Conqueror's Mindset, the most essential piece of SAT mastery. This is where they learn how to let their perspective, their self worth be completely transformed by the power of Jesus and his truth about them.
  • Learn how to build confidence by changing certain beliefs and behaviors.
  • Learn the Four Essentials for SAT Victory
  • Learn my powerful Three Phase Battle Plan System for each section of the test.
    • Reading - what to look for in each passage, and what to do even before reading. We'll also cover the counter-intuitive approach to multiple choice questions that rescues students from the test's traps.

Give your student dedicated guided practice, troubleshooting, and workshopping time (3 hours)

  • We will learn the strategies (see above) and implement them immediately. Just like you can't become a jiu-jitsu master simply by reading a manual, neither can a student master the SAT just be being taught the principles.


    So together, we'll practice. And I'll show them the right way to do it.

Help your student create their own unique personalized SAT Battle Plan (1.5 hours)

  • I will lead your student through the process of turning their dreams for the future into actual goals by writing them down, calendaring them out, and creating and actual Battle Plan for how to make it happen.

    Obviously, we'll be focusing most heavily on their SAT prep and practice plan.

    I'll be helping them find the motivation--but more than that, the DISCIPLINE--they need to practice consistently, even when they don't feel like it.

  • I'll show the students how to access for free all 8 of the College Board's official practice tests.

  • I'll personally give each student the SAT prep workbook that I think will be most helpful to them. This will differ for each student.

Secure Access to Premium SAT training on an ongoing basis (days, weeks, months)

  • Every student who signs up receives access to my complete SAT Online Training Program.

    This incudes over 60 videos and powerpoints and downloadable notetaking PDFs.

    The truth is, there is more to learn beyond one weekend of training. That's why my teaching won't stop with our class time

  • Every student will also receive a hardcopy of my book, More Than Standard

What Past Students and Administrators Have Said

And don't forget

You get my Complete-the-Class Guarantee

Your student gets to complete the entire class. Then, if they walk away from it saying, nope! Class was no good. Wasn't worth it. I didn't like Mr. Hallock. I fell asleep...whatever...then contact me by midnight that night...Saturday the 28th...and I'll give you a full refund. I'll even let you keep all the stuff :)


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Ready to Register?

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Dates and Times:
Friday March 27 2pm to 5pm
Saturday March 28 9am to 3pm
     OR the 3, 3, 3 option (3 hours March 27, 3 hours March 28, 3 hours April 3

Was going to be $497
or 2-month payment plan ($265 each payment)

2 month payment plan is $215 each payment

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4) Once you've done all of that...you're in and you'll hear from me shortly!