If there was a sexy, streamlined way to onboard a steady surge of new clients without the overwhelm, email ping-pong, and “oh crap, did I forget to send that thing?” of doing everything manually…

But let’s get real.

What if in less than a week (and with the right guidance) you could be done with being bogged down under a confusing, unprofessional mess of:

✔️ If you want to impress the pants off your leads 

✔️ If you want them to they trust your expertise...

 ✔️ If you need a professional, consistent flow for onboarding new clients...

✔️ If you're reading to stop wasting hours of valuable Netflix time doing everything by hand...


You’re so buried in day-to-day client tasks you barely recognise your partner, let alone finding time to learn a new skill.

You’re treading water in the notebooks, random emails, DMs and notes scribbled on the back of bills. The idea of putting that all together in one spot makes you want to hide.

And isn’t Dubsado super intense and complicated?

“It’ll take you months to figure out how to set it all up...You already have NO time for yourself or your family!”


"Michelle not only knows crazy amounts about the system, but she's super-efficient and managed to get to grips with my complicated business model easily.
The Trello board she employs is a stroke of genius and really helped me know what I needed to do -and when. She also made so many suggestions that have resulted in a much better experience overall for me and my clients. "

Nicole Greenfield-Smith - The Confidence Craft

"Michelle was fantastic at setting up Dubsado for me. She has given me lots of advice on how to optimise Dubsado for my business and shown endless patience in teaching me how best to use it. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Michelle!"

Hannah Bryant

"Getting organised with business can be so tricky, receiving support and training from Michelle has been fantastic, especially when setting up Dubsado. And understanding how to use it to run my business more efficiently. Thank you so much, Michelle!"

Rachel Krzeminski

This was designed for you, the creative entrepreneur who’s ready to up-level your business but lacks the confidence and tech know-how to set it up yourself.

Bonus 5: Trello Board Template

Map out and organise the entire process in an easy-to-use project management template.

In addition to your digital copy:

 This gorgeous PRINTED version will be shipped right to your door by magical Dubsado fairies. You’ll have everything in your hands in a beautifully bound workbook.

You won’t find this with other Dubsado kits.


It’s not the simplest system to learn, but that’s because it’s SO powerful. The amount of done-by-hand tasks Dusbsado will automate for you will make your time to learn it worth it 10x over. I’ve taken every effort to make it a simple process for you. The instructions are clearly written and you can come back to them time and again. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll be a Dubsado aficionado in no time!

Your clients definitely won't lose the personal touch.
The guide will walk you through setting up smart fields. These will make sure your clients still feel special...but you’ll be spending half the time on their onboarding!

It definitely will. Dubsado is completely customisable to your brand and your colours - you can even embed forms onto your website and it will look just like you.
The Savvy Systems Toolkit will help you create a cohesive, reassuring brand experience for your clients.

No problem. Dubsado integrates with Quickbooks and Xero.
Even if you don't use an external financial provider, you can enter all your expenses into Dubsado. Together with your invoices, you can produce reports of all things financial. The Toolkit will take you through every step of the process when setting up your financial workflows.

Not only do I believe in you…

I know without a doubt you’ll be able to use this guide to set up your own Dubsado WITHOUT wanting to chuck your laptop in the bin.

In fact, I’m confident within 1 day you’ll have all the settings set up (including linking your emails and calendar) and be ready to move to the next step.

If not…

...just send me an email info@michellegillsonva.com and I’ll happily refund your purchase right away!