The Space Founder Business Model Course. Find out how space sector investors think.

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Jason Kanigan

The founder of Cold Star Tech has not only created and grown many businesses over the past two decades: he's gotten to know the sector-specific Venture Capitalists and other investors who fund space companies. Jason has also assessed many space startups. Now he's ready to share the secrets of what makes the difference in funding decisions.

A concept for technical capability by itself is not a business. Investors will not fund that.

Jason Kanigan


With the Space Founder Business Model Course

The unfortunate truth is nearly all of the space founders Jason has spoken with were missing three deadly serious elements of a successful business. Investors look for these elements, and when they're not present the answer is always, "No."

Have the secrets of attractive space investment revealed for you in this course. It's made specifically for founders of space startups who want investors to say, "Yes!"

Here's to you getting funded! Join us to discover what you must do to attract investment.