A membership consisting of prerecorded and live content to support your family's well-being, so that everyone in your home feels happier and more confident to be themselves

This programme is for your family if:

You know that well-being is a whole family commitment and you are ready to take the next step

✨You know that your family's physical, mental and emotional well-being is paramount to you all leading a happy and fulfilled life but you're not sure where to start

You have lots of the tools and you know how to use them but your child isn't receptive to learning about well-being from you

✨ You are worried about someone in your family's ell-being and you are struggling to access services

✨ You are not currently worried about anyone's well-being but you'd like to be prepared for when challenges arise

✨You already have loads going on and bitesize activities will be perfect to slot into your family routine

    Take a couple of deep breaths and read this slowly...

    It is possible to have a huge impact on your whole family's well-being in just 5-10 minutes a day (or even just a few times a week!)

    Imagine if you all:

    ✨ Had a toolbox of resources to help relieve anxiety and worries, especially when you faced challenges

    ✨ Could be kind and compassionate to yourselves when things don't go to plan

    ✨ Were all able express your feelings, ideas and desires confidently and articulately 

    ✨ Knew what was important to you and were excited to pursue the things that interested you

    ✨ Were able to set and hold your own boundaries and understood the importance of respecting the boundaries of others

    ✨ Were able to fully engage with learning opportunities and achieved better outcomes in learning or work 

    ✨ Had a good understanding of your own potential for impact in the world


    The ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Online Well-being Hub is an ongoing membership programme made up of both prerecorded content and live sessions 

    It is for families who are ready to ✨SHINE Brightly✨ so that all members can feel happier and more confident to be themselves 

    The ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Online Well-being Hub gives families the tools they need so that they can be confident, resilient and persevere when challenges inevitably come their way  

    Are you ready for your family to ✨SHINE Brightly✨?

    What do we get if we join the hub?

    ✨New prerecorded content released every month including:

    💫Yoga Movement 

    💫Morning Meditations 

    💫Evening Meditations 

    💫Breathing Practices

    💫Tapping or EFT 

    💫Reiki Infused Recordings 

    💫Conversation Starters and Journalling prompts

     ✨ Three opportunities to connect with Beckie live on zoom each month to explore practices together, ask questions, give feedback, and share experiences

    ✨Very special guests bringing their own expertise and activities for members to experience

    💫IN ADDITION - you receive access to a huge library of content from the moment to join!

    Meet Beckie

    I am a Children’s and Family Well-Being Mentor, Childhood Specialist and former teacher with 25 years’ experience of supporting children and their families

    In all my well-being work with young people my aim is that they feel happier and more confident to be themselves and are inspired to ✨SHINE Brightly✨ knowing they are perfect exactly as they are and worthy of both pursuing and realising their dreams - whatever they are, because I believe that this is a basis for living a happy and fulfilled life 

    I am currently delivering my programme ✨SHINE Brightly✨ and Yoga for Well-being sessions in primary and secondary schools in my local area but I knew that I needed my work to reach more families at a more affordable rate - this is why the ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Online Well-being hub was born!

    For your peace of mind, you might also want to know that I hold a first class BA in Education and Early Childhood Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and full Qualified Teacher Status

    I am also a qualified Children's Yoga Teacher, Raja or Classical Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and hold a diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique for Children (or tapping for kids)

    I have a full enhanced clear DBS that is registered on the update system and I am fully trained and have excellent knowledge of Safeguarding young people

    The ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Online Well-being Hub brings together all my experience and expertise and at the lowest possible rate that you can work with me

    Family's who work with me say that:

    ✨They have the tools they need to support the regulation of their feelings and emotions

    ✨ Feel more confident, resilient and able to persevere when met with challenges

    ✨Make well informed decisions which enables them to have better relationships with each other and people they meet in the world

    ✨Children and young people are happier to attend school and engage with their learning, ensuring better learning outcomes
    ✨Feel calmer and as a result have better quality of sleep
    ✨Know what matters to them and feel proud to stand up for what they believe in

    Are you ready for your family to ✨SHINE Brightly✨?


    There are three tiered payment options, you choose the one that is right for your family, no questions asked


    Frequently asked questions:

    How do we access the content?

    When you join you will receive a username and password to use on the hosting platform, Membervault. You can use the login details to log in on a variety of devices for all of your family to use.

    How long are the videos?

    Most of the videos are 5-7 minutes in length. The yoga movement is 15-20 minutes.

    How do the live sessions work?

    When you join you will receive the dates and times of sessions for kids, supporting adults and the whole family. They are usually on the second, third and fourth Wednesday at 6.00pm the kids and family sessions and 7.00pm for the supporting adults session. During kids sessions they cannot message each other using the chat function and can only send questions to me, other participants will not see these questions.

    What happens if we miss a live session? 

    Nothing! Nothing in the hub is compulsory, all the content is there to support your family and you can use it as much or as little was you want. Obviously, it's useful to attend the lives to get the most from the hub but where important questions are raised I will share these conversations by email afterwards.

    What happens if we prefer some of the content over other types?

    Brilliant! The members of your family know what they like and what works for them. Not everyone will resonate with all the types of activities available but I hope by providing lot of different modalities there will be something that everyone enjoys and benefits from . 

    How much time commitment does the hub require per week? 

    Ideally, you would all be spending 5-10 minutes daily using the videos and a couple of times a week spending a little longer maybe on a yoga movement video or a journaling prompt. However I know that this is not always possible and it will be variable from family to family. In the opening email and in the hub itself I share lots of ideas of how to fit the content into a busy schedule. 

    My child has additional needs, will the hub be suitable for them? Many families with children with additional needs, including families with autistic children have used the content of the hub. They have really benefitted from the content and given great reviews. Your child might need extra support and encouragement from you or they might work with the content independently. If you are unsure of the hub is suitable for them please book a call with me using the link below.

    We have never done anything like this before, how will we know what to do and if we are doing it right?

    Don't worry, the videos and other prerecorded content are very self explanatory and the live sessions are there to help with any questions. You can of course contact me by email any time if you have an urgent query that can't wait for the next live and I will do my best to answer swiftly in normal office hours. 

    Remember, there is no right or wrong, well-being is a personal journey for everyone, the purpose of the ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Online Well-being Hub is for you all to learn a range of different techniques to support your well-being and to explore who you all get to be as your happier and more confident selves and you get to choose how that looks.

    Ready? Let's go!