The Schism of Swords

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The Schism of Swords isn’t just another tale of sibling rivalry; it is a tale of a family, once whole, shattered and broken. It is a tale spun with threads of prayer, belief, justice, bloodshed, betrayal, and death. And it is a tale that is sure to spellbind you as you read the story of Grace Sabore and come to understand the lengths a mother would go through to protect her family, even if that means death to one of her own. . .

Michael E. Thies

About the author

World traveler currently living in China, Michael E. Thies constantly uses his imagination gained from his experiences in over thirty countries to write adventure fantasy novels. 

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What you'll read

Part I

Prayer and Justice

Grace Sabore has no problem being alone since her husband Gazo has been called off to war. In fact, she’s grown quite fond of taking care of the house, picking the snags out of her daughter’s hair and teaching her how to pray. But, when her husband suddenly returns home, Grace comes to realize that the man she fell in love with has been changed by the scars of war. Will Grace be able to adjust to his presence and the man he's become? 

Part II

Decency and Deceit

Just when Grace believes that she has successfully escaped her past, she realizes that her husband gave her one final gift before she left—a son. A constant reminder of her husband and the past she left behind.

Then, in a new land, a strange prophet warns Grace that her son is destined to kill her, threatening the life Grace is building for her daughter and herself. After hearing the words, a sense of mortality slowly seeps into her skin. Is Grace really meant to die at the hands of her son? Can she change his heart before it’s too late? Or, will she have to murder her son to save herself?

Pt. +

And more...

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