Magic With A Message Motivational School Program

A high energy and student engaging presentation that talks about the dangers of bullying and how to avoid them. The program is rich in dynamic content about character ed development, respecting other students and staff and being a "light" of good in the school.

"Our students can be rough at times and I was overly impressed with how well Mr. Hill kept all the students engaged and spoke to them in a way that they were listening . I've never seen the students that quiet during an assembly." 

Principal, Edison Middle School

Key Talking Points Covered


  • Making The Best Choice
  • Not Being Afraid To Come to School
  • Dangers of Older Kids Offering Illegal Products
  • How Does Bullying Start
  • How To Help Stop It
  • Why The Teachers and Admin Cares About You As A Student
  • Cyber-Bullying And It Is Real
  • Being A Light To Someone Else


For Upper Middle School & High School (all the above plus)..


  • Not Getting Distracted
  • Goal Setting
  • Not Being Afraid to Fail OR Succeed
  • How To Outwork Everyone
  • Remembering You Are A Winner



Quick Facts- Bio- Background


  • Dewayne started performing magic at 16 as a way to cope with bullying he received in high school.
  • Dewayne set a world record performing the most card tricks in an hour.
  • Dewayne has 10 years experience as an educator in the public school system.
  • In 2004, Dewayne built and developed the program "Magic With A Message" and started touring the USA school districts.
  • Dewayne has been featured on America's Got Talent
  • Dewayne is currently touring the USA filming a new Television Show he has developed called "Hidden Magic TV"

"Mr. Hill was on-time, he was easy to work with, he had all of his paperwork with the district office squared away and handled, and he rocked out students. The positive energy flowed with our kids for weeks after he left." 

Head Principal, George Washington High School

2018 School Preview Video

Benefits To Booking:

Time Saver #1 - Fast Paperwork

Dewayne and his booking manager has all the forms and paperwork completed for your bookkeeper and district office


Dewayne has performed all over the nation for 40 plus schools and knows how to keep your students engaged

Money Saver #1

Dewayne has a corporate sponsor that off-sets the flight and rental car AND lodging costs to save the school money, regardless of his location OR the school location.

Money Saver #2

Dewayne doesnt charge double the price OR triple the price if we have to do multiple sessions to handle YOUR volume of students watching the program

Time Saver #2

No Special Bus Requests OR Scheduling extra subs for coverage.

Money Saver #3

Dewayne has special pricing when you partner with another school in the same district

Time Saver #3

No printing OR collecting of permission slips.

Time Saver #4

You have direct access to talk and schedule with Dewayne and his tour calendar, no middle men Or booking agencies. 

Money Saver #4

Dewayne has affordable pricing for ALL schools regardless of their location OR if they are a Charter School OR Title 1 school.

"Principals and Counselors - this is a chance you can get your message heard to the group of students with a different voice. Sometimes we hear the message different OR we actually hear the message when it is a NEW voice"

Dewayne Hill, Founder of Magic With A Message

Question-- What about cost?

"I understand that cost is always a question. We (myself and my booking manager) have done all we can to streamline the cost of the show. The next best thing for you to do to save money and time is to fill out the booking request form, so we can get the best price zero'd in for you and your school"

Dewayne Hill, Founder of Magic With A Message