Turn your pain into power and avoidance into action

Communicate better.

Say HELLO to knowing what to say

+ Communication Substitutions:  3 Simple Swaps with Big Impact

+ Sentence completions to craft a precise and direct message

+ How to ACTUALLY ask for support

+ How to stay engaged without getting defensiv

Arrive at a place of:

+ Confidence in communicating how you feel and asking for what you need

+ Relief in not having to tiptoe around certain things

+ Satisfaction in being able to work through conflict

+ Trust in yourself that you can communicate effectively and authentically


I'm Anya Surnitsky, LCSW.  I'm driven to help people figure out how to connect with each other.  It is tremendously healing to know we are not alone; authentic and genuine connection is  transformational.

Anxiety, depression, shame, and trauma can get in the way of connecting due to the avoidance, pleasing, or pushing away that happens.  Combine that with just literally not having the words to use, and communication is really hard.  

This is why I have created these scripts to help you and others strengthen the connections that matter. 

Communicate. Effectively. Now.

You really can use these to assist you in approaching people today about the way you feel.  Once you click the link, you have instant access.  

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