Agile Masterclass: Scrum framework for Product Owner and Scrum Master explained

What is Agile, Scrum and how it works in practice?

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Hello, my name is Dejan. I am a Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Trainer of trainers, and author of this training.


There are no pre-requisites for this Masterclass training. Everyone can join.
I explain everything from the ground up.

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When You Join this Masterclass, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1

Introduction to Course

Lesson 1: This is an introduction to this Masterclass training. Students will have a brief overview of what will be talking about and what they will learn.

(NEW) LECTURE: The Scrum Guide 2020 - What has been changed? Let’s walk through the list of the majority of changed elements. AUDIO Guide INCLUDED.

Module 2

What is Agile software development?

Lesson 2: Introduction to Agile, Why Agile?
Lesson 3: What is Agile in theory?
Lesson 4: Difference Between Agile and Scrum
Lesson 5: Why Agile Rocks?
Lesson 6: Agile Mythbusters: 13 Myths in details.

Module 3

What is the Product?

NEW Lesson: Product Goal Introduction (2020)
Lesson 7: Product introduction
Lesson 8:
Product Vision
Lesson 9:
Product Strategy
Lesson 10:
Product Roadmap

Module 4

The Three Pillars of Empiricism

Lesson 11: Introduction to the three pillars of Empiricism

Module 5

Scrum Framework

Lesson 12: Introduction to Scrum Framework
Lesson 13:
Scrum team
Lesson 14:
The Product Owner
Lesson 15:
The Scrum Master
NEW Lesson: Changes for the Scrum Masters in relation to Scrum Guide 2020
Lesson 16:
The Development Team (Developers)

Module 6

Scrum Events and more...

Lesson 17: Scrum Events Introduction
Lesson 18:
The Sprint
Lesson 19:
The Sprint Goal
Lesson 20:
First Scrum event: Sprint Planning
Lesson 21:
Second Scrum event: Daily Scrum
Lesson 22:
Third Scrum event: Sprint Review
Lesson 23:
Fourth Scrum event: Sprint Retrospective or Sprint Retro
Lesson 24:
Product Backlog refinement

Module 7

The Theme, Epics, User Stories, and Tasks

Lesson 25: Themes
Lesson 26:
Lesson 27:
User stories
Lesson 28:

Module 8

Scrum Artifacts

Lesson 29: Introduction to Scrum Artifacts
Lesson 30:
Product Backlog
Lesson 31:
Sprint Backlog
Lesson 32:
Scrum Board - DEMO
Lesson 33:
 The Increment

Module 9

Definition of Done (DoD) and Acceptance criteria

Lesson 34: Definition of Done (DoD)
Lesson 35:
Acceptance criteria


Introduction to Evidence-Based Management 2020

BONUS Lesson: Understand EBM and your capabilities to determine the next steps for improvement.

Module 10

Scrum Certification

Lesson 36: General details about exams
Lesson 37:
Tips for all those who want to prepare for the exam on their own
Lesson 38:
General details about Scrum Alliance Certifications
(NEW) 100 Carefully Selected Questions and Answers for Scrum certification.

Module 11

Your first job as a Product owner - where to start?

Lesson 39: You get your first job as a PO - where to start - Introduction
Lesson 40:
Where to start building an existing product?
Lesson 41: Where to start if you are going to build a new product from scratch?

Module 12


Lesson 42: Short animated presentation

Module 13

Last Words

Lesson 43: All right, we've reached the end of this course. Congratulations!!!

This Masterclass will make you more valuable. Be successful, improve your skills with Scrum Certification tips and with this assets and your life will be improved over time too.

Value $882 and now 👇 only $99 👇 (limited time)

Who are target students?

  1. People who are preparing for Scrum Certifications, exams PSPO, PSM...
  2. People who got their first Scrum job and don't know where to start
  3. People who want to learn quickly about Scrum, Agile, and Software development
  4. Senior executives who wish to actively promote agile concepts across business teams and to link those concepts directly to business-related outcomes
  5. People who want to learn why Agile is important...

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✔️ Full access to the BONUS SECTION with even more juicy goodies, premium eBooks, Ready-made templates, tutorials... ($335 value)

✔️Video Training and all Bonus materials are in the English language.

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After this Masterclass, you can start a profitable Scrum and Agile career and have all the necessary skills needed to start with the right sources and tools.

Average Product Owner Salary

  • Salary: $59k - $121k
  • Bonus: $2k - $15k
  • Profit-Sharing: $974 - $12k
  • Total Pay: $59k - $130k 



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Value $882 and now 👇 only $99 👇 (limited time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this just for IT people or other profiles can join?

A: Scrum and Agile have benefits to offer to every business. Given that 66% of employees reported that stress and anxiety impacted their workplace performance, it is of paramount importance to minimize this number, which Agile achieves by breaking complex tasks into smaller ones.

Also, different departments of one company can use Agile to simplify communication between themselves and to remove any obstacles which prevent them from working effectively towards the same goals. Agile methodology and Scrum can be especially effective for marketing and sales teams that work in tech companies. Short answer, Yes, you can be Scrum Master, Product Owner, or member of the Development team even if you are not from an IT background.

Q: Is this for beginners or experts?

A: Agile Masterclass is for everyone interested in building brand new interesting and well-paid careers. This is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way from certification to their first job in one of the Scrum roles. One of the reasons why this is so desirable career is because it's very well paid and interesting. Average Product Owner Salary is $59k - $130k, Average Professional Scrum Master Salary is $58k - $135k, and Average Software Developer Salary $49k - $109k.

Q: What if I have questions or problems?

A: If you have any kind of problem during your Masterclass, you will have my contact details in training materials. Fill free to contact me as needed.

Q: Does this work if I'm not in the US?

A: Yes! Scrum and Agile methodologies are very well recognized in the whole world. So, it doesn't matter where you're from. Just grab this Masterclass, learn it, get your certificate, and go for this great career. 

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