“Insider’s guide to Top City halls in Tuscany”

Dreaming of getting married in Tuscany? 

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I have come to realize that most couples with Tuscany on their list often have no idea of the amazing variety of possible Civil wedding locations this diverse region has to offer.. 

that is why I put together this guide for you 


I get it!

So many questions, very little information online. In this guide you will learn about Top Civil wedding locations in Tuscany. And what are the costs of a Civil wedding ceremony in each of the Town Halls.

What's Comune?

In Italy, Civil wedding ceremonies are typically hosted in the “Palazzo Comunale,” or City Hall. And that’s a good thing because a typical city hall in Tuscany is not found in a dull municipal building but is instead usually situated in an historic palace and is often a great example of Italian Medieval architecture from the 12th or 13th century.

What's in the bag?

LIL Extra! Two guides in one! In addition you will get my "Chianti Classico Castles wineries" guide + map, that I have beautifully crafted just for you to kick start planning your Italian Wedding Experience from home.

the inspiration

I field many questions about wedding sites from couples around the globe that range from thoughts on setting and ambiance to the specific details like scheduling availability, fees, and number of guests accommodated. Of course the answers all vary from one location to another and this was the inspiration for this Guide!

“Insider’s guide to Top City halls in Tuscany”

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If you’re looking for a memorable destination for your Civil wedding in Tuscany you can find your answers by downloading my “Insider’s guide to Top City halls in Tuscany”

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