Join the FREE 5-Day Self-Care Challenge for Busy Mums

Reconnect with yourself by implementing simple but powerful strategies that will help you to fully enjoy your life.

Are you ready to transform your life by dedicating a small part of your day to taking care of yourself?

Are you ready to listen and attend to your needs knowing that it will positively affect the way you interact with the rest of the world?

If you:

– have no time for yourself and yet you desperately need it

prioritise everyone and everything else, so you feel neglected and therefore less confident

wish you could take care of yourself more often, but you believe that if you switch off for a moment everything will fall apart

cannot commit and are not very consistent when you take on a new activity

...this is the perfect mini-challenge for you!

Taking care of yourself while trying to manage your family and professional life can be difficult, especially nowadays, but what if finding some me-time every day was the solution to replenish your energy and motivation, and had positive effects on your self-esteem and on your relationship with the rest of the world?

What if a small daily ritual would be the key to finding yourself again?

I learned the hard way that taking a moment for myself each day was essential to living my life to the fullest. Developing and sustaining daily self-care rituals has helped me overcome chronic pain caused by stress and anxiety.

You cannot create any significant transformation in your life without taking action.

During this 5-day challenge you will receive:

  • Daily emails with short, doable asana practices to to do at your convenience

  • A comprehensive workbook to bring yoga off of the mat and into your day-to-day life with easy-to-follow tasks that will help you to stay in the challenge and complete it

  • Tips and ideas for daily self-care

A little self-care every day goes a long way!