Self-Care Essentials


"My self-care worksheet will help you discover the essentials you need to develop a self-care routine "

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Self-care doesn't have to be difficult, guys!  Simply having a bubble bath and pampering yourself for a half-hour is a form of self-care. Listening to your favourite podcast or walking the dog are also examples.  Whatever brings you joy and releases the stress that life brings us.

Self-Care Is Everything

Make It A Part Of You Life!

Self-Care Essentials

Use the Self-Essentials Worksheet to determine what you find fun and relaxing in life.  

For example, having coffee with the girls could be translated as having a fancy coffee at home and venting in your journal!

We are trying to develop a routine for you that is just for "you."

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Discover Your Self-Care Essentials

When you have discovered your self-care essentials you can develop a routine that works for you.

Either daily or weekly it doesn't matter.  Whatever you can fit into your schedule.

Make sure you take some time for yourself-your family will thank you!

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Have an enjoyable self-care day!

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