Fall in love with yourself! The power of self -love workshop

14 -04 2019

15:00 - 19:00

•Are you tired of your self-critical thoughts and feeling not good enough?
•Do you accept  yourself less than what you deserve?
•Would you like to love and accept yourself and believe in yourself more?

Do you feel the need to change???

Let me support you in your first, powerful steps that will help you to fall in love in yourself!

How would it feel to…

  • Wake up feeling whole, worthy, beautiful and enough?
  • Accept yourself fully without worrying what people think?
  • Have the confidence to pursue your dreams and stop doubting, blaming and judging?

In the workshop you will learn techniques  and proven strategies to strengthen your self- love like:

  • Meditation
  • Compassion and kindness
  • Positive Psychology & neuropsychology exercises
  • CBT Therapy Negative Beliefs Changing Method
  • Positive mantras and affirmations to support you on your self-love path

With this powerful techniques you will:

• Start valuing yourself and be good to yourself

• Stop self- criticism

• Peruse your own happiness

• Stop being so hard on yourself

• Start loving yourself unconditionally

Fill yourself with acceptance, let go of negative judgements and live a better life!


Each of you will get:

  • An inspirational self- love journal
  • Links to useful meditations
  • List of powerful affirmations to support your self-love journey.

Now it is the time to love yourself unconditionally!

The relationship you create with yourself will change everything.

If you are feeling the call for more, listen to that inner wisdom and book your spot now!


Regular: €60

Regular: Couples /Bring a friend: €100 per 2 p.

We provide yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets.
You are welcome to bring your own ones too.
Dress comfortably.
There will be one tea & snack break.

I offer delicious tea, coffee & love water (ask me if you are curious what it is 😊 ) plus snack like cookies and fruits.

Places are limited, so don’t hesitate and book your spot now!

Aquariana practice and seminar center. Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D, 10965 Berlin KREUZBERG
U 6 - Platz der Luftbrücke, Ausgang Mehringdamm – 3-4 min.
U 7 - Mehringdamm – 8-10 min.
Bus 104 - U-Platz der Luftbrücke – 5-7 min.
Bus M 19 - U-Mehringdamm – 7 min.
The studio is in the backyard, 4 th floor.
It is a beautiful specious studio for workshops and holistic therapies.

About me- Joanna

Hallo :-)
I am JOANNA.  

My mission is to help people grow, feel happy and in peace. 

I help my clients to be more mindful and kind to themselves. Thanks to that work, they can accept and love their lives and themselves more.

I will be delighted to support you in creating your own happy life.

I am a psychologist and Certified Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher. I am also a self-development counselor & coach, work-life balance trainer and stress reduction book author and blogger.

Join me if you want to become more mindful & happy with your life and yourself!