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Project L.O.V.E.

Leading Others to a Vibrant Evolution

Love provides informative, exciting, and interactive workshops that inspire  participants leaving long lasting impressions.

Love M. Gaillard, MSW

“Our participants now have tools to cope with their own feelings and challenges,” added Love Gaillard, another parent trainer. “Once people can self-reflect, they now have the space and awareness to purposefully nurture and address their children and all relations around them. Our participants are more confident, aware, and empathetic once they complete our SEL parent empowerment series.” -Love M Gaillard, MSW Rutgers University-Newark News 


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Project L.O.V.E. offers the following workshops:

  • Intro to Social Emotional Learning
  • Social Emotional Learning 5 part series
  • Social Emotional Learning & The Four Agreements
  • SEL for the young Professional
  • SEL for Parents & Caregivers
  • The A, B, C's of the I.E.P. (Individual Education Program) Special Education advocacy & resources
  • Etiquette 5 part workshop series
  • Private SEL & Special Education consultations
  • Recruiting & Serving students with Disabilities or “Serving People with Disabilities” (adult populations)
  • “Trippin or Changing”?
    A Guide to the Post-secondary Journey for Parents

*All SEL & Special Education content can be customized for specific audiences


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Project L.O.V.E.

Leading Others to a Vibrant Evolution

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We are #grateful for you, LOVE, and for your dynamic delivery of SEL! Looking forward to the weeks ahead 🙂

-Evelyn Fabian, LCSW - Newark Public Library

"I enjoyed the series & learned a lot, especially about myself & communication. The tools that were given were greatly appreciated".

"Excellent sessions! It taught me how to be a better parent, person and professional. Also gave me tools to empower families at my school. In addition to being a good listener and establish gratitude in everything I do and delivering to my family and others".

"Ms. Love was great. (And this is not easy work)".

"I like it very much the way it is . I also like that we are free to speak our mind and also chat and say comments".

"It was Amazing I enjoyed it very much . Thank You"!

"I really like the sessions always learning something new and learning from others parents who struggle too".

"This was an excellent presentation. As an educational administrator who specializes in Special education I recommend this workshop to any and all parents". (IEP Workshop)

Master Class interviews with Love M. Gaillard, MSW

Digital Feedback

Love's virtual workshops are creatively interactive as well!  Here are two word clouds of feedback from participants.

Previous Project L.O.V.E. Workshop events

English, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Wednesday, beginning 3/30/2022

English, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Thursdays, beginning 4/7/2022

Spanish-Only, 6:00pm-7:30pm, CADA MARTES A PATIR 3/29/2022

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