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Tell me more about creative dance classes...

Yes! Tell me more about Creative Dance classes...

Our Creative Dance classes are perfect for young people and adults with additional needs. 

Dancing is fun, keeps you active and is a great way to socialise safely.

In every class you can express yourself, learn new moves and leave feeling calmer.

Makaton friendly.

The class has three parts:

  1. Warm up
  2. Creative task
  3. Learn a dance

The afternoon classes use sensory props to make activities accessible to dancers with complex needs.

The evening classes include an extended warm up with technical jazz exercises working on co-ordination, agility travelling, rhythm and stamina bouncing.

Class details:



Adults (25yrs+) 1:30 pm

Young adults (14-24yrs) 6pm



Adults (25yrs+) 10:30am


Young adults (11-25yrs) 6pm

All classes are available online too

Trial w/c 1st November

£6.50 (PayPal/ card/ cash)

Sound good?

Complete the form to book a trial class.

Yes! Sign up for a trial!!

Yes! Sign up for a trial!!

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