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Sen-Eye features

The Sen-Eye Cloud solution has been designed for a deployment using either existing IP camera's or installation points where power and connectivity are at hand. After deployment, each image taken by the camera is send to the cloud where our AI is hosted. The AI will process the received images and will trigger an alert when a wildfire has been detected.

  • AI based wildfire detection
  • High availability monitoring service
  • Easy to deploy
  • Compatible with any IP camera
  • Receive notifications on any device
    • Optimized for small fires detection
    • Location estimate of wildfire
    • Detect fuel type near fire
    • Built-in smart grid intelligence through fusion with Copernicus satellites

    For a full overview of Sen-Eye's capabilities please visit our website: https://senhive.com/products/sen-eye

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    For our full solution overview of Sen-Eye please visit our website: https://senhive.com/products/sen-eye

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