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Sentext helps companies bring in thousands of new customers and get them returning more often! We send over 10 million texts each month and have 5 million consumers who have chosen to receive messages from us.

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100% SPAM FREE! No APP download! Your customers just text one keyword to your personal 5-digit shortcode and they're in your database. They can join from anywhere, not just your POS!!!

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Everyone has a smartphone.

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Guarantee your message gets seen anywhere there is a phone signal.

Social Media Design

Optimize your social media with material to grow online sales

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Never anonymous texts. Customers are waiting to hear from you.

Marketing Campaign

Physical signage at every location to get customers to sign-up

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Sentext is the most direct way to communicate with your customers, notify them of promotions, and increase your revenue.


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500 Messages

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Get customers to return more often by simply texting exclusive offers!

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Honeybaked Ham in Boardman, Ohio have been using Sentext for over a year. See how it helped their franchise.

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Refer Sentext to businesses in your network and receive a gift card of up to $150 for every organization that signs up!