Join the three of us for a unique, intimate gathering at Seven Sisters Sanctuary, an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

This immersive full day retreat combining three powerful modalities; Transformational Breath®, Sound Therapy and Reparenting on Sunday 11th June 2023 will illuminate your body, mind and soul.

With only 8 spaces, this transformational day will give you the opportunity to explore going deeper within yourself in a safe and supportive space, to uncover things holding you back, to reconnect to yourself and to find that inner sunshine… your joy, peace, love, flow. Things we may lose touch with sometimes, but are all worthy of receiving.

If you’re feeling in need of a powerful reset, so you can feel inspired, empowered, nourished and grounded within yourself, whilst connecting with like minded souls… then join the three of us, we’d love to welcome you to our sanctuary.

Schedule for the retreat:

10am: Welcome, teas & sharing

11am: Reparenting & play workshop

12.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Movement, breathwork & sound

4pm: Cacao & singing around the fire

5pm: Sharing circle

5.30pm: Hometime

Melissa Maouris (Reparenting coach) leads the day with a Reparenting session to connect with your inner child and discover the power of play. Reparenting is a tool that allows you to overwrite long-standing patterns and transform the relationship you have with yourself. 

In this session we'll hold space for your inner child and use play to connect you to a grander vision of yourself to guide you into your next chapter. Play is the gateway to flow state and research shows that adults who make time to play have less anxiety and experience more life satisfaction. Together we'll break down any barriers within yourself to play and pleasure and uncover insights for how to gain more access to it.

We’ll take a break for a tasty, healthy lunch before enjoying some movement, followed by a powerful Transformational Breath® journey with Brenna Duncan (Arise Breathwork). Transformational Breath® is a simple, yet powerful breathwork practice with vast benefits for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Change the way you breathe, change the way you live - it sounds so simple and it really is! 

Benefits of Transformational Breath include reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy, improved mental clarity and focus, boosted immune system and improved sleep patterns. It's a wonderful detoxification of the body that helps integrate past traumas and improve relationships, giving you a deeper connection to self and your intuition so you'll leave feeling clearer, calmer, lighter and brighter.

Music and therapeutic sounds will be woven into the breathwork experience which will be followed by a grounding and nourishing sound journey from Michelle Cade (Mind Like Water Wellbeing). This will allow you space to process anything which may have arisen during the session, further harmonising and balancing your body and mind. 

Expect an atmospheric sonic journey combining binaural beats, ambient soundscapes, nature sounds and a variety of instruments including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, a monochord, buffalo drum, steel tongue drum and voice. Enter a world of vibration and sensation as you experience the healing powers of sound!

After this immersive sonic journey, we’ll gather around the fire to drink sacred cacao, sing songs and have an opportunity to share any insights or awarenesses with each other before heading home.

Join us at Seven Sisters Sanctuary in north London on Sunday 11th June

What to expect:

  • A warm, friendly welcome in our cosy sanctuary in north London (easily accessible by public transport)

  • A transformational, nourishing day helping you feel empowered, grounded and connected to yourself and others.

  • A chance to release anything you feel is holding you back, within a safe and supportive environment.

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded people and share your experience (completely optional)

  • No previous Reparenting, sound or breathwork experience required.

How should I prepare?

  • Wear loose comfy clothing, not restricted around the waist ideally

  • Bring your water bottle and a notepad/ pen for any journaling you may wish to do after your session

  • Bring some warm clothes for sitting outside around the fire

  • Feel free to bring a special crystal or anything else you’d like to enhance your experience and add to the sanctuary for the day

  • Mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets are all provided

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals 2 hours prior to the session

Who is it suitable for?

Over 18's - if younger please email me for more info.
All levels of breathwork experience welcome

NB. Please consult your medical practitioner first if you experience any of the below:

  • Any pre-existing heart conditions

  • Epilepsy/ seizures

  • High or low blood pressure with history of fainting

  • Pregnancy

  • Bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, personality disorder

  • Untreated/ severe PTSD

  • Pre-existing lung disease

  • Recent major surgery

  • History of stroke

  • Glaucoma/ detached retina

  • Asthma - please also ensure you also bring your inhaler

If you have any medical conditions or concerns please get in touch with us on before booking your ticket.


Melissa Maouris is a Reparenting coach helping people override their conditioning to access their flow state and set their inner child free. Her work allows people to uncover the stories and beliefs picked up from caregivers, peers and society in order to become authentic and aligned to their true potential.

Melissa has mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy, where she herself trained in 2017. She has worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. Trained under Dr Shefali in her conscious parenting approach and mentored by best selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsh, Melissa’s intuitive approach is rooted in ancient mystical concepts delivered for the modern age. Her workshops and programmes are popular with open minded creatives, pioneering business minds and anyone that craves clarity and meaning in their lives.


Brenna Duncan is the face behind Arise Breathwork...a fully qualified Transformational Breath® facilitator and group leader, as well as an Intuitive Life Coach and creative based in north London.

Brenna runs 1:1 breathwork sessions and intimate group workshops from the cosy Seven Sisters Sanctuary; an oasis of calm in north London. Additionally she hosts workshops at festivals, on retreats, within the workplace and loves nothing more than collaborating with other wellness practitioners.


Michelle Cade, AKA Mind Like Water, is a sound practitioner, electronic music producer, DJ, singer and Ayurvedic massage therapist who specialises in nourishing and relaxing immersive sound experiences.

Michelle offers 1.1 treatments, online and in person sound meditations at Seven Sisters Sanctuary; an oasis of calm in north London. As well as delivering wellbeing events and sound experiences at festivals and retreats in the UK and abroad.