Understanding Sex Drives to Build Intimacy


What to Expect

This FREE webinar will give you insight into your sex drive. Why is this important? Having mismatched sex drives is a very common struggle in long-term relationships. Although this is completely human, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Learning and understanding how your (and your partner's) sex drive works can be a game changer - in and out of the bedroom! Are you ready to get in the driver's seat?


Nina is a Certified Sex Coach (don't worry -  she doesn't come into your room with a ref’s uniform and a whistle). She has also been a freelance consultant in the field of mental health since 2010!

Nina's superpower is shining light on the most “taboo” aspects of being human. She often starts the conversations that most want to - but many won’t. At any of her events, you will undoubtedly say (at least once), "I cannot believe she just said that out loud!"

Nina uses humor (a lot…), candor, and compassion to help everyday people learn to embrace who they are so they can STOP living with shame and guilt, and START living with intention, authenticity, and radical self-acceptance - especially in romantic relationships. 


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