Book Synopsis

Zoe Smith is a professional surfer flailing in the World Surfing League (WSL) and in her relationship.

Unhappy with who she's become, she heads home to Australia for the off-season determined to get her groove back. With the unexpected help of an angel, a best friend, a boy crush and more, she gains some refreshing insight and finds herself on a magical journey out of a funk and into the surfing and in life.

What People Say

Brisa Hennessy, pro-surfer

"A very relatable feel good story for surfers and non surfers alike. You won't want to put the book down!"

Ruby Meade

Owner of

"A crazily relatable and inspiring story that caused me to reflect on the concept of courage and how I can relate it to my own life.” 


Liz Davison

Editor of

“It’s the Eat Pray Love for surfers!”

Janine Reith

Owner of

"Finally a book that I don’t want to close! Surfer Girls Kick Ass is one of those books you are afraid to finish reading because it’s too good to be over.”