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Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business

Shadow Magic is for coaches, business owners and anyone who is looking to understand the shadow and self-sabotage, and how it shows up in your life and business. 

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Anna Tsui

Anna Tsui is an international serial entrepreneur, business & leadership coach, INFJ and founder of The Intuitive Business School.

Many business owners unconsciously sabotage their ability to generate true wealth and build deep connections with their ideal audience. Anna's mission is to help leaders integrate their personal shadows so they create wildly successful companies.

Originally from Boston, she currently resides in Houston, Texas with her partner and English bulldog named Charly.

I read this book thinking I might learn a few good lessons and be slightly better off like with most books. Instead this book is truly changing my life and dare I say my brain chemistry."

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At Shadow Magic

Most books on coaching and business focus on surface-level actions like list building, client generation, and marketing. This book, however, recognizes that unless you address the deepest, most unconscious “shadow” layers of your operating system, you will self-sabotage your growth at every level.

This book is a must-have for coaches and entrepreneurs in all industries.

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