It is time to gather again with like-minded humans who have a desire to be captured in a unique, empowering expression of authenticity.

This is an opportunity to play with the light and the dark through the lens of archetypal expression, where we can explore our own patterns of behaviour and channel them into a piece of art.

The creative concept for this shoot is a combination of Archetypal expression, which means that there will be some body painting, (yay!) with intentional low-key lighting that adds depth and meaning to your expression. Examples of low-key lighting are below.

Rest assured, you will not be required to express yourself in any way that goes beyond your accessible comfort.



The shadow is commonly understood to be that which is unconscious. In simple terms, it is the patterns of behavior that we often seek to hide. When we zoom out to look at the symbolic, mystical expression of these behaviors, we are able to find some acceptance and empowerment.

This experience is an integrative experience that supports us to love ALL of ourselves, by remembering our humanity through our divinity. Mix this deeply transformative shadow work with creative expression and Vulnerable Visibility and we have a radical concoction of self-esteem and empowerment.

Here are some images of previous Sacred Archetype photoshoots where a group of women came together to be seen in a bold and beautiful way.


Part of this experience includes Spiritual Direction with 2 live online guided journeys and an embodiment practice on the day. My primary work is centered on Integrating with the Shadow to enhance a deeper connection with self, community, and the world around us.


This is an integrative learning praxis experience. You will learn about what a Shadow archetype is and why it matters and then be taken on a guided journey where you will meet with your shadow archetype. You will be supported through the illumination of how they are playing out in your life and what role they play. It is a journey that surrounds this shadow aspect of your consciousness with humility, grace, and compassion. This journey will be delivered on Zoom with the other attendees who are stepping out in this BOLD & VISIBLE expression of art.


This practice supports you to bring your archetype to the surface for the shoot. It allows you to meet with any discomforts or anxieties around being in front of the camera (we all get those) and is designed to support you to embody your empowered Shadow expression.

ARCHETYPE INTEGRATION - Date TBC (Pending Image Delivery)

This journey is where we will reveal the glorious images that have been captured and go on a final journey together to integrate with the Shadow Archetype. Integration is key so that you can move forward in your life feeling whole and complete, a huge part of self-empowerment. We will also celebrate together with an acknowledgment of the journey taken to step out BOLD & VISIBLE.


You may not know this, but I have a chronic illness that often shows up as severe anxiety. Especially when working in a social or public setting! The Power Up ritual is what I use any time I am showing up at a live experience, retreat, photoshoot, and even live streaming a Spiritual Direction session for a group or a 1:1 client.

It is the same ritual that came to life when I was suffering extreme anxiety during the final weeks of each of my 4 pregnancies and continues to support me with my work.

As part of this experience, I am sharing this ritual with you! You will receive a gift pack with all of the essentials and a little walkthrough of how to practice this ritual for yourself!


Community & collaboration is incredibly important to me! Especially as we work together to empower greater connection, accessibility, and inclusivity in our world.

Here are the artists I am super excited to be working with to serve those saying yes to this creative experience, and the wider communities that will experience the power of Archetypal Storytelling through the images we create!

I am super excited to be working with Whaia who is the Visionary Artist that channels the mana of her wairua and tipuna through the vessel of Fine Art Headwear and Adornments. Whaia is a fierce Mana Wahine and Indigenous leader who is making an impact in the world with her creative expression, not only with her Feather Adornments but her Sonics of Sound.

I am so grateful to have this woman infusing her craft into this experience for all who are stepping into this expression of Archetypal storytelling!

I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with this gorgeous artist for the first time! From the very first interaction, there was a spark of mutual excitement to work together on this creative concept.

Sin Capture has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community as well as empowering women to get BOLD & VISIBLE with stunning boudoir photography. They pour their passionate for creative expression into photography by supporting their clients to look and feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera. A quality of our work that is super aligned, as well as our joint love for low-key photography!


The digital space is saturated with curated social media feeds that paint a picture of “live your best life” “6 figure months” blah blah blah, and that’s cool and all – if we can acknowledge that it’s not accessible for everyone. It isn’t acknowledged though, so there is a lot of harm being done. Especially for those who are marginalized with mental illness who buy into this delusion and end up with thousands of dollars in debt and hating themselves even more.

This is something near and dear to my heart because I live with a chronic mental illness and have two children who also have life long illnesses. Fitting into this world is not as easy or accessible for us because our illnesses are invisible and largely misunderstood. Educational systems, work systems, social systems, need a total overhaul to make this world more equitable, not only for those with mental illness, but everyone who is experiencing inter-generational trauma due to marginalisation, discrimination or having their vulnerability profited on by predatory marketing industries.

I have been living in the shadows my whole life, and it’s beautiful here – and I want the acceptance and acknowledgement of the FULL expression of humanity to be the social norm. I want those who live with mental illness to feel safe and accepted within their community just as they are without being told they need to be fixed and need to spend ridiculous amounts to be “fixed”. In order for that to happen we need to recognise the harm that is being caused by not acknowledging the impact of mental illness individually and within the community, and be willing to make mistakes as we learn to do better and be better.

This creative project supports my mission to disrupt the social norms of “live a curated life” and honors the reality of living a “human” life. This project is the full expression of how deeply I love humanity – ALL of humanity, the SHADOW & the light, in a dynamic and creative expression of art.

My hopes is that if you are joining us in any of these creative projects, you are wanting to be a part of this change with me and that this little big mission of social activism for Mental Illness ignites inspiration within you to be a BIG part of this little solution.


  • Online Group Spiritual Direction Session with Kia Creative Channel
    • Meet your Sacred Archetype
  • Archetype Design
    • Your archetype is first brought to life on paper and in collaboration with the other artists coming together for this experience
  • Power Up Ritual Pack
    • All the tools and a guide that supports you to prepare for your photoshoot will be posted to you before the event
  • Fine Art Feather Adornments commissioned by Whaia Creations to wear for the shoot and $200 off if you wish to purchase the piece to take home with you
  • Professional Hair Stylist by TBC *Please note this is dependent on the headpiece you will be wearing*
  • Professional Glamour Make-Up by artist TBC
  • Archetypal Body Artistry on parts of the face (and possibly chest depending on the design) by artist TBC
  • Full-day Photoshoot on location in Bundaberg QLD by @sincapture
    • Embodiment Practice led by Kia Creative Channel
    • Some NO MAKE UP BEFORE photos
    • On location make up and styling
    • At least 30 minutes 1:1 in front of the Camera with as many images that we can get in that time *Depending on numbers you may get more time than this in front of the camera*
    • Group Images in your archetype
    • BTS images of hair and make-up being done
    • Opportunity to take as many selfies/reel/tik-tok content with the group while on location
    • Nourishing food, music, and regulation breaks to support your nervous system throughout the day
  • Image Diamond Package
    • 100 Professionally edited images
    • USB + Online Gallery to Download
    • 10 Black & White Prints
  • Online Group Spiritual Direction Session with Kia Creative Channel
    • Integrate with your Archetype