Rest, Reset, Restore & Reconnect

Between our busy jobs and tackling our lengthy to-do lists, our hectic schedules and striving for perfection it's no wonder so many of us are exhausted, we find ourselves lost, disconnected, and empty. Yet we feel guilty and shameful for making time for ourselves when there is always so much that needs to be done.

To heal from this mental and emotional stress & tiredness, we must first give ourselves permission to slow down & rest and befriend your body.

In order to befriend our body, and embody self compassion, we need to first be able to be in our body. When we are aware of what is going on, we can then better know what it is our body needs, and what it is we can do to take care of our body in the best way possible.

Being disconnected from our bodies can have serious consequences. When we’re lacking embodiment, we tend to live less mindfully. When this is the case, we are more prone to burnout or injury because we’re just not paying attention. We also miss out on the joys that can only happen when we are embodied, such as a cool breeze against our skin, being held by a loved one, or enjoying a delicious meal. Additionally, when we’re not in our bodies, we’re more prone to ignoring our body’s needs because we simply don’t know what it does need. If we aren’t giving our body the proper food, hydration, and rest that it requires, we risk developing illnesses.

If we don’t feel at home in our bodies, we are more likely to experience body dissatisfaction, which can lead to engaging in disordered eating behaviors. The stakes for not befriending our bodies is high.

Being ungrounded can make you feel stressed, out of control and trigger anxiety, unwanted memories, negative or challenging emotions.

To be grounded is to feel solid, strong and well balanced in body and in mind, grounding creates calm, destroys stress and reminds us of who we are by diverting our attention from thinking and making us feel at home in our own bodies.

These grounding practices quiet and clear your mind, calm and balance your emotions and bring you into the present moment by drawing you into your body and your breath.

If you would like to find yourself again, reconnect with yourself, release stress and tension, feel your body, feel more relieved, more peaceful and balanced in your daily life don't miss out on this unique offer.

You can start to reconnect with your body and heal from the inside out.

I invite you to honor your being and accept with love and compassion where you are right now, come as you are, do what you can and join me on a journey of self discovery, self awareness, self reflection, self care and self acceptance with the deep knowing that you are enough.